Amenites for Large Acreage


When you have a large tract of land, you can think big about how you want to use it. 

A Lake

Having water on your land gives you the opportunity to stock or attract wildlife, and gives you a place to find repose. You can stock it ducks or fish and try aquaponics. You can use a backhoe to dig out the lake or pond and haul in some water. You will also need to keep the water clean, so research aeration pumps for lakes. If you have boulders on your land, you can use them to landscape the perimeter and bring in sand for part of the lake so you can have a beach. If it is deep enough for a boat, you can add a small pier and dock.

An Orchard

Fruit trees are the gifts that keep on giving. If you have several acres, you can reserve a portion of it for an orchard. If you live in a colder climate, plant trees in the stone fruit family like apples and peaches. If your land is in warmer weather, choose citrus. Always research the best varieties for your region. Fruit trees take a few years before they bear fruit, so the sooner you plant, the better!

A Court

Staying in shape and having fun is great for your physical and mental health. Having space for sports is a luxury to explore. A basketball court is simple to make; a clear and level ground with a hoop is all you need. Or, you could put in a full-length court with painted lines or even a tennis court. You may also want to do a field with sod to have a place to play baseball or flag football.

Living on several acres allows for some interesting choices of amenities to make your life fuller.