All The Things You Need To Know Before Going To Universities and Colleges in Singapore

College and university years are probably one of the most crucial but thrilling periods of life. It is a turning point for many young adults, the deciding door to their chosen career path. 

Moreover, the pressure gets more intense as the enrollment day approaches. Many incoming freshmen become lost in this period, caught between several factors that need to be considered. Would day choose a high-paying accounting degree in Singapore or a law course in Singapore

Here are some tips to help you with your pre-university blues:

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing A University Degree in Singapore

Each student has unique factors that need to be considered when choosing the right university degree and college course. Each one has different privileges and opportunities, and these things affect the choices of the students. Be it abachelor degree in computer science or aUOL degree in Singapore, here are the most general factors that you can consider when choosing a university degree:

Consider your interests

When it comes to deciding their career paths, young students first consider their interest. Interest is a vital driving force to keep a person on track with his or her career path. It is the fuel and motivation of the person. 

Interest keeps the person curious and eager to learn and experience more on the things he or she highly invested in. People interested in numbers are most likely to pick an accounting degree in Singapore. Students who are born with eyes for aesthetics can choose a multimedia course in college. 

Many people remain undecided about their career choice because they have not explored and discovered their interests yet. Exploring many activities at a younger age expands the range of your choices. Perhaps, your love for argumentation and debate leads you to alaw course in Singapore.

Consider your career’s future

Unfortunately, some particular degrees have more opportunities than others. However, it should not stop you from choosing the one you think is right for you. Getting a bachelor degree in computer science may open more doors for you, especially that the forecast for the booming technology industry remains promising.

But most of the time, the turning point of your career path is how well you will utilise the opportunities given to you. Some people never settle for a bachelor’s degree, but even strive for an MBA in Singapore to create more career opportunities for themselves.

To determine if your chosen career path has a promising future, check the latest trends and developments today. Careers in information technology seem to be in demand today, but the business remains undisputed. Whether you are taking accounting courses in Singapore or a bachelor degree in computer science, the most important is to give all your best. This kind of mindset and attitude brightens up your career’s future. 

Consider your university or school

Another thing you need to consider is your university. Several factors can determine if your chosen university is the right one for you. 

  • Course and degree option

Obviously, if the degree or major you want is not available in your chosen university, you can eliminate that school from your lists. Of course, not unless you are willing to take the nearest major to your desired degree just to study there. There may be variousaccounting courses in the Singaporeuniversity you like. 

Some universities have specialisation as well. When you want to take a journalism degree, much better to study in a university that is a centre of excellence for its journalism programme. You can assure a superior quality of education. 

Some universities have limited post-graduate courses. So if you are planning to take an MBA in Singapore, check the university’s graduate school programmes.

  • Location

Some students also consider the location of their university. Others may prefer studying at a university near their home, while some prospect international schools or even studying abroad. 

Fortunately, some schools and institutions offer a University of London(UOL) degree in SingaporeThese partnerships between universities abroad and institutions in Singapore allow Singaporeans to have quality education in the comforts of their country. Imagine taking a UOL degree in Singapore.

Consider the expenses

College fund sometimes becomes the determining factor in a person’s career path. Different universities have tuition fee rates. There are times when a particular course is more expensive than others. Normally, a law course in a prestigious Singapore university is more costly than in a local college.

In addition to the expenses are the miscellaneous fee, lodging, transport and food allowance. Fortunately, some organisations and institutions offer scholarship grants. Student loans are also options. 

Consider the length of the programme

Various degrees and programmes have a unique timeline, excluding the possibility of retaking subjects. An undergraduate programme like a bachelor’s degree in computer science may take up to three years to complete, while a bachelor’s degree in engineering takes up to four years.

An MBA in Singapore takes up to one and a half years to complete, while a PhD may take up to two to five years, depending on the specialisation’s complexity.

For students taking a law course in Singapore, the duration of law school in the country is two to three years, excluding the timeline for a bachelor’s degree. Similar timeline for medical schools in Singapore.

Tips For Choosing A School or University in Singapore

Welcome-freshmenWhen you have finally made up your mind regarding your chosen degree, be it a bachelor in computer science or an accounting degree in Singapore, the next thing you can do is to find the perfect university for you. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right school or university for you:


Like what mentioned earlier, location is vital when choosing a university or school for college. If you want to stay close to your family, choosing a local university or institution is a perfect choice. 

Universities situated in the cities or near CBD normally have more programmes than those smaller colleges. They offerMBA in Singaporeand even aUOL degree in Singapore. 

However, studying in universities in urban areas or schools far from home means facing traffic jams and commute stress daily, unless you decide to get lodging or a dormitory near the campus.

Other students decide to study abroad for better opportunities, but there are universities today that offer aUOL degree in Singapore.

The location of your university is also beneficial when it comes to internships. It is very much strategic to choose a university located near companies that offer internships.

Check the university’s specialisation and offered courses

A university or academic institution with a wide range of courses available and specialisations is a good choice.

This kind of university encourages its students to explore more courses, degrees and lectures, feeding their appetite for learning. Some students have double majors, studying statistics while taking up accounting courses in Singapore.

For students who seek excellence in one field, universities that have specialisationis a suitable choice. There are colleges in Singapore known to be a top business school, while others produce the best engineers in the country. If you plan to take alaw course in Singapore, choose a university with the most Singapore Bar Examinations top notchers. 

Universities and academic institutions that offer study abroad and exchange studentsprogrammes are also a good choice for people looking for overseas opportunities. 

Fortunately, there are colleges and academic institutions that provide a University of London or UOL degree in Singapore.

Check the university rankings

You can get a glimpse of the quality of the university’s education and facility through their rankings. Several websites publish a list of top universities in Singapore and around the world annually. 

The universities are ranked based on their academic reputation, research citations, student-to-faculty ratio, employer reputation, international faculty ratio and international student ratio. 

An accredited and recognised curriculum for specific programmes also contributes to the rankings.

If you happen to take anMBA in a high-ranking Singapore university and academic institute, then you are in good hands in terms of quality education.

Campus size

Campus size also means facilities such as libraries, residence halls, basic services like restaurants, grocery stores, banks, counselling and health clinics and so on.

These basic services and facilities are essential, especially if you are staying in the residence hall or an apartment nearby the campus. 

Another thing to do in the university while accounting courses in Singaporeis attending school official activities such as sports fest, art fair and other social events. These activities lighten up the intense academic pressure and help balance your social life. It is also a great way to explore your other interests.

Campus size refers to the entire university or academic institutions population. You can ask the university’s admission office for their student-to-faculty ratio.

Diversity on the campus

Non-academic organisations, sports teams, recreational clubs and fraternities and sororities make the diversity on the campus. 

Some students do their hobbies by forming a music band and perform in several campus events. Some people create a group to enrich their religious faith, while others set up institutions representing the minorities.

Apart from the brotherhood and sisterhood of fraternities and sororities, they also help you build strong career connections inside and outside the campus.

Never miss exploring other things on the campus while you take your accounting degree in Singapore. 

Cost and financial aids

The tuition and miscellaneous fees vary depending on the university. Most of the time, international schools are more expensive than national universities. There are programmes that are more costly than others.

Engineering courses can be more expensive than abachelor’s degree in computer science in Singapore.

Some academic institutions offer financial aid to students in need through scholarship grants or student assistance. Some universities have partnerships with companies in sponsoring eligible students. You check your chosen university website or ask the admission office regarding their scholarship and financial aid programmes. 

How To Balance Schoolwork and Social Life


Once you have chosen what bachelor’s degree and have been admitted to your dream school, it is time to know how to balance your schoolwork and social life.

Finding the right and healthy balance between social and academic life makes your university years much more enjoyable, packed with significant career experiences and learnings.

Create a plan and schedule

Time management is your key to college. Whether you are taking a bachelor’s degree in computer scienceor an MBA in Singapore, without a doubt, you will have a tight schedule. You can buy a planner and make a weekly or monthly schedule to keep track of your schoolwork and commitments. 

Set goals

It is easy to get lost and caught up in the middle of school work havoc in college, especially the outside pressure and temptations. Setting goals gives you direction each semester. You can evaluate your progress by checking if you meet all your goals by the end of the semester. The goals can also be your motivation in acing youraccounting courses in Singapore.

Make friends

Your friends are your support system in the university apart from your family. It is really difficult to get rid of schoolwork and stress, especially if you are taking a law course in Singapore. Having a company with whom you can discuss daily life struggles, stories, and lectures is a great way to breathe out some stress. It can also open to a more critical discussion about society which can widen your perspectives. 

Learn to say no

Most of the time, school works can be overwhelming. Additionally, demand from academic and non-academic activities also consumes our time and energy. Knowing your limits and learning to say no to some commitments will help reduce your workload. 

Check yourself regularly

It is important to keep yourself in check regularly. Eat healthy food and have a good lifestyle. Watch out for the signs of stress and anxiety. Seek medical help or counselling if needed. As much as possible, update your relatives or guardians about your welfare regularly. Taking a break from schoolwork and activities is necessary.

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