Aha released kshanakshanam movie 2021

The entertainment industry has become one of the most popular sectors in our country in these past years. There has always been a special place for the Indian Movie industry all over the world. Indian industry is the place for some of the most popular and iconic celebrities. Some films have gone on to become box office hits in different countries. It alone justifies the power and influence the Indian Entertainment industry holds among the top film industries. India’s cultural diversity also plays a crucial role. And it is evident by the fact that India is the largest producer of movies in a calendar year. The production of films in different languages also makes it viable. Regional cinema has been on the rise for the last few decades.

One of the regional industries which has risen in popularity has been the Telugu Industry. It has been part of the Indian Film industry for a long time. And now, it is standing out as one of the power performers in the industry. The revenue produced by the South Indian industry has doubled because of the Telugu industry. We can owe this to excellent movies with captivating storylines. The previous year was an unsettling year for everyone but proved to be a good one for the film industry. WatchTelugu new movies online which get released in the Aha channel. Let us look at one such release:


KarthikMedikonda is the director of this thriller movie. The film stars Uday Shankar, Jia Sharma, Raghu Kunche, Ravi Prakash, Shruti Singh, and many more. Jia Sharma makes her Tollywood debut with this movie. Sidhardha Reddy has been brilliant with cinematography. Roshan Saluri has composed the musical tunes for the movie. The film is one of the best thriller movies of the year, and it is evident by the compelling storyline.

The story follows the whereabouts of Satya(Uday Shankar) in Visakhapatnam. He is an orphan and leads a simple life. He marries another orphan girl Preethi(Jia Sharma) and lives a happy life. But his life starts crumbling around him with his marriage slowly falling apart and his business suffering setbacks. His wife is irritated with him leeching money off her. With literally no way out of this mess, he gets hooked up to an extramarital dating website. He meets a married woman Maya(Shruti Singh), through this site. Things go on smoothly for several days. One night, Maya invites Satya to her house at night. Instead of spending the night happily, a tragedy awaits him.

The advent of OTT services into the foray helped the film industry ease up the pressure on them. Most of the unreleased movies got released on these online platforms for streaming. These streaming services helped people relax their minds during a difficult time, and the sheer number of options and genres to select from interested them.

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