A Guide to Cleaning Your Air Conditioner in Singapore

When an air conditioner is subjected to good maintenance, it could serve your home or office for 10-15 years. That’s quite a long time, enough to cover the money you invest for it. For this reason, it is crucial to learn the proper maintenance for your air conditioner so it would last long and saves you the fees for repairs.

One of the most important AC maintenance you should know about is the aircon cleaning service. Cleaning your air conditioner regularly and properly can do a lot of help in the early detection of problems and in keeping it in good shape. Today, we will share with you everything you need to know about AC cleaning.

Factors to Consider When Planning Your AC’s Cleaning Routine

According to popular brands like Daikin and Carrier, AC servicing must be done every 6 months or twice a year. However, you should clean or change the filters every two weeks. While this is a good enough guide on how you should maintain your air conditioner, there are several factors that are needed to be considered when planning your AC’s cleaning routine. Here are some of them:

·       Climate

Singapore has a hot and humid climate all year round. Thus, it is only natural that our air conditioners accumulate dirt faster than normal. Since the main purpose of an air conditioner is to set the humidity to a comfortable degree, ACs in areas with a humid climate tend to produce more dirt in the form of biofilms. For this reason, we should consider requiring an aircon cleaning service more often.

·       Air Pollution

Air pollution in Singapore is quite high, especially in industrial places. Dust, debris and pollen may get stuck on the filters preventing them from giving off cold air. If you happened to live in those areas, you might be required to clean your filters more often.

·       Health Risks for Occupants

The health concerns of the occupants must also be considered when scheduling your AC servicing. The by-product of the air conditioner’s air filtering system is the biofilm or the mud-like structure forming inside the unit. This biofilm can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Thus, if you have someone in the house with respiratory problems, you will want to clean your air conditioner more often.

·       Performance Rate

How often do you use your air conditioner? If you are living by yourself and only stay home after office hours, your AC is probably shut off for most parts of the day. It is a different story when we will talk about the AC that’s running non-stop in your workplace. Depending on the rate of usage, you might need to call an AC servicing company more frequently.


What are the Types of AC Cleaning?

It might overwhelm you to know that when you get an AC servicing in Singapore, you still have to choose what type of cleaning you will avail. There are two major types of AC cleaning an AC servicing company may offer for residential and office air conditioners. Meanwhile, there are also some cleaning methods that you can DIY. That makes three different types of AC cleaning. Below are what distinguish one from the others.

·       Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning involves washing or replacing your filters, dusting the top of the indoor unit and removing the dried leaves and twigs trapped on the outdoor unit. These tasks must be done regularly or as often as possible.

·       Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning involves disassembling the AC unit so the aircon servicing company can clean the coils, drain pan, and air filters. A chemical solution is used to clean each component. This specialized chemical can kill moulds and bacteria that are typically breeding inside the damp unit. Aircon chemical wash price may vary depending on how soiled the unit is.

·       Chemical Overhaul

Meanwhile, the chemical overhaul is another form of air conditioner cleaning. It resembles the chemical wash but is more intensive in nature. The chemical overhaul involves cleaning the hard to reach areas of the air conditioning unit including the drain pipes and heat exchange coils. The chemical overhaul price may also vary depending on the rate of the service company and how dirty the unit is.

In Conclusion

As you have probably noticed, the price for AC servicing varies depending on the severity of the cleanliness issues of the unit. Thus, it will really help to have your air conditioning unit cleaned regularly to avoid paying extra. Apart from saving money, it is also a good way to ensure the validity of the warranty as well as make your air conditioner last for a long time.