7 tips for finding a product to sell on Amazon in 2023

Amazon sellers face huge difficulty in finding the right product to sell on Amazon. It is important to find products in the related niche that also stand out in the competition today. But how to find a product to sell on Amazon

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of 7 tips that helps you to find the product to sell on Amazon. If you want to sell profitable products on Amazon, you should follow the tips.

  1. Look for products in the average range.

The best-selling product has come in a range of inexpensive and expensive products. It meant people agreed to buy products that were not too cheap or not too costly. People do not easily agree to buy an expensive product because they do not always want to spend a higher amount of money.

Also, people do not agree easily to buy inexpensive products because they associate them with cheap quality. So, you have to sell the average-priced products on Amazon.

  1. Sell the medium size product.

The size of the product also matters a lot while selling on Amazon. The large size product is usually associated with more shipping costs and cut down the margins of Amazon sellers.

The heavier product is tough to carry, ship, and deliver from one place to another. On the other hand, it is easy to hold, manage, or deliver smaller products than heavier ones. So, it is suggested to sell a smaller and lighter product on Amazon to save yourself from more shipping costs and manage effective delivery.

  1. You are friendly with the product.

If you know what you are selling, you can become more friendly with it. In this way, you can write product descriptions also to highlight features of your product in front of customers.

The more information you carry about your product, the more easily you can convince a client to buy it. So, it is suggested to sell the products on Amazon, with which you are familiar.

  1. The product has famous keywords.

When you sell the product on Amazon by using relevant and top keywords, then your product is put on the shortlist easily. The best thing about this tip is that the top 2-3 keywords have searched for 10,000 product in a month, but keep it as a loose guideline.

You may have more tempered expectations if the product is in a more niche category, and you may want to stay away from the item if keywords are popular on it.

  1. Look at a blend of rank and LQs

The top-rank product means it properly sells the products, whereas the listing quality score determined the product selling length, description, bullet points, and keyword richness. Your aim is to find a product with a low-rank score and LQS that has a minimum of 70


Here are the best ways to find products to sell on Amazon. If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, you should follow the above ways.