6 Signs You Need to Visit a Hand and Wrist Specialist in Singapore

Whether you’re experiencing distal radius fractures or seeking wrist pain treatment in Singapore, there are times when you need to see a hand and wrist specialist. After all, taking care of your body isn’t something you can do alone. There are hundreds of experts who spent years in universities and medical schools to acquire the necessary skills to provide professional healthcare services.

Aside from regular consultations, visiting a clinic should have a valid reason. Since the trip would entail various possible expenses, such as transportation, you should know your purpose behind why you’re seeking professional help from a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore.

Fortunately, there are numerous signs that should cause you to schedule an appointment with a clinic. Continue reading this article to know more about them.

6 Signs You Need to Visit a Hand and Wrist Specialist in Singapore

1. Your Doctor Recommends It

You shouldn’t look for another reason to schedule an appointment with a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore, especially if your doctor suggests it. Generally, recommendations to see a health expert means they saw an issue with your body. However, the problem may be beyond their skills and knowledge. Referring you to a more qualified professional means they could provide better treatment options to address your health issue.

If you’re wondering why they would suggest you see a hand and wrist specialist, feel free to ask your physician regarding their reasoning. Some of the possible causes include an examination to see if you need surgery and ineffective treatment for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome in Singapore.

2. Ongoing Pain

Pain occurs when your body receives injuries, causing nerves to send messages to the brain. Once it receives these signals, your brain registers it as pain, leading to an uncomfortable feeling. While it can be annoying, it is an excellent protection of the body that acts as a protection against things that could be fatal.

Therefore, if you are experiencing ongoing hand pain, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with it. The causes could vary depending on the visible symptoms. It could either be a wrist sprain, hand fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, etc.

Generally, you should set an appointment with a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore if you are feeling pain in your hands or wrists.

3. Limited Movement

Your hands and wrists are capable of doing a wide variety of movements and gestures. These motions are necessary for performing various physical activities. It doesn’t matter whether it is sports or simple household chores. Your hands and wrists are essential for plenty of things you might be taking for granted.

However, there are various health conditions that limit your hand and wrist movement, such as osteoarthritis, stenosing tenosynovitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, if you find it difficult to perform some of your daily activities, consider consulting a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore before your issues worsen.

4. Your Fingers Turn White When Cold


Whenever you are in cold places, it isn’t unusual to notice your fingers feel colder than the rest of your body. This situation occurs due to a bodily response where your brain increases blood flow in your chest and abdomen where most of your vital organs reside, causing a decrease of warmth in your hands.

However, some individuals may notice their fingers turn white in cold temperatures. You may have Raynaud’s Phenomenon if it happens to you.

This condition pertains to fingers turning to different colours, such as white, blue, and red, depending on various factors like cold and stress. Although it goes away after a few minutes or hours, especially if you head to warmer areas, having this issue can be a symptom of more severe health problems like scleroderma.

Consider visiting a hand and wrist specialist in Singapore once you notice your fingers changing colours in cold environments, especially if they start to feel painful.

5. Pinky Sticks Out

You may have Wartenberg’s Sign when you notice your pinky finger sticking out while participating in your daily activities. This condition pertains to the neurological symptom of involuntary abduction of the fifth finger. Some of the causes behind this event include weakness and paralysis of the adducting palmar interosseous muscle.

Once you visit a hand and wrist specialist, they may recommend physical therapy or splinting to help give your ulnar nerve some space and get it back in line.

6. You Drop Objects More Often


Everyone has their moments where they dropped objects for whatever reason. While most of these are accidents, you might want to consider seeing a hand and wrist specialist if you notice it occurring more often, especially if you find it difficult to explain why you dropped it.

Generally, frequent accidents like these are due to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Over time, this health issue worsens and makes your hand weaker, causing you to drop things more often. Therefore, you should see a health professional as soon as possible if you notice more symptoms, such as numbness in your hands and swollen feeling in your fingers.


Knowing when to see a hand and wrist specialist could make a significant difference when treating conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprain, and TFCC injury in Singapore. Aside from your regular consultations, these 6 signs should help determine if it is time to set an appointment.

However, remember that your hands and wrists are complex parts of your body. There are more signs you should watch out for to ensure it remains healthy and any underlying issues get the necessary attention immediately. This article aims to provide information regarding these 6 examples.

Therefore, ensure that you set an appointment if you have one or more of these signs. Otherwise, your issues may worsen over time and cause more problems in the long run.

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