6 Signs You Should Look For A New Car For Sale In Singapore


Singapore is known for its low car ownership rates. According to a 2019 study by Rakuten Insight, an Asian online market research company, about 40% of their over 5,000 respondents owned an automobile. Budget Direct also noted that Lion City’s roads only have about 600,000 private and rental vehicles—a significantly low number compared to its 5.686 million population and the number of car owners in its neighbouring countries. Many of its residents are interested in getting a new car for sale in Singapore dealerships, but strict regulations and high taxes prevent them.



Owning an automobile can be tricky and challenging in the country, but it is far from possible. Numerous residents are even becoming more interested in getting a private vehicle due to the many perks they reap from them. They want to purchase cars to experience convenience and privacy. They can go to different corners of the island without transferring from one bus, train, or taxi to another. They can choose to lease a van or mini bus on their Singapore trips with friends, family, or colleagues, but nothing beats the comfort of driving and riding a car.

If you have been a car owner for a while now, you will most likely have experienced the many benefits it offers. You know how advantageous it is to have a private vehicle that allows you to quickly and comfortably reach your destination without interacting with strangers. But no matter how durable automobiles are, they cannot last forever. Going to your trusted mechanic to have them checked and repaired can fix some of their issues, but you will need to find a new car for sale to replace your old one.

But how can you tell if you need a new vehicle to take your dated one’s place? Should you purchase a replacement, or are you better off taking public transport or renting a car, van, or mini bus whenever needed? How can you ensure a successful car purchase? Read on to learn the answers to your questions about getting a new car for sale in Singapore.



   I.        Signs You Need A New Car

As disheartening as it may be, your beloved automobile cannot last forever. It can still be fully functional for many decades, but it cannot take you to work, school, errands, and trips for a lifetime. Fortunately, numerous dealerships offer new car models for sale in Singapore to help private vehicle owners replace their dated ones. But how can you tell if you need a new automobile? Scroll through to find out.

1. Your Current Ride Is Too Old

Rust, dents, and peeling paint are telltale signs of old vehicles. These physical issues may not bother you and cause you to seek a new car for sale in Singapore, but ignoring them may lead to irreversible problems. If your trusty automobile is over ten years old, you should consider purchasing a new one.

2. You Visit Your Mechanic Every Few Weeks

Vehicles inevitably experience damages and defects. Even massive automobiles like the Hino Prime Mover truck in Singapore encounter issues now and then. But if you have been taking your old ride to your mechanic every few weeks or months, you should consider getting a new one—especially if you have been spending thousands of dollars on every repair.

3. You Are Spending Too Much On Gas

Old cars are not as fuel-efficient as new car models for sale in Singapore. If you think you have been spending too much on gas, getting the latest vehicle option in the market can help you save transportation costs. Purchasing such a new automobile may seem expensive, but think about the money you will save from gas and repairs!

4. Your Old Car Lacks Updated Safety Features

Aside from being fuel wasters, dated automobiles are notorious for lacking current safety features. They may have seatbelts and airbags but do not have adaptive cruise control, live blind spot video feeds or 360° cameras. Almost every vehicle, including new vans, trucks, and mini bus models in Singapore, has these safety elements nowadays—and your car should, too.

5. Your Ride No Longer Suits Your Lifestyle

People purchase vehicles to assist them in their work, home, or school duties and responsibilities. They pick automobiles that complement their habits and have features that could benefit and make their lives easier. If your old ride cannot help you since it no longer matches your lifestyle, you should consider selling it for a good value and getting a new car for sale as a replacement.

6. You Always Receive Poor Test Results

Examinations are crucial when renewing vehicle registrations. These inspections and assessments allow the authorities to check your automobile’s condition and see if it is suitable for safe driving. If your old and beaten car, truck, or mini bus always fails these tests, you should consider purchasing a new one. Doing so will not only ensure that you pass such examinations but will also ensure your safety when travelling.


   I.        Tips For Getting A New Car

If you think you could benefit from replacing your old automobile, you should keep a few things in mind before searching for a new car for sale in Singapore. Carefully considering the following tips will help you ensure a worthy vehicle purchase and keep you from getting overwhelmed with the challenges you may encounter when buying a new automobile.

  1. Understand your car options and see which model suits your needs and preferences.
  2. Look for a reliable dealership that can offer you the safest and most efficient car models at an economical price.
  3. Consider getting a car refinancing plan in Singapore to lower your monthly auto loan dues.
  4. Do not hesitate to negotiate with your car dealer to keep them from piling additional costs and high-interest rates on your purchase.
  5. Try car shopping at the end of the month since dealerships will most likely give you discounts to meet their sales quota.
  6. Remember to test drive before leaving the dealership. You can even bring a mechanic to help you check the vehicle before purchasing it.

 II.        Shop For A New Car Today!

Private vehicles may not be the primary transportation mode in Singapore, but numerous residents still choose to own them for their comfort and convenience. Knowing when to look for a new car for sale may be tricky, but following the tips above will help you find out if today is the best time to purchase a replacement for your old ride.

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