5 Ways Business Signage Can Influence the Success of Your Business

There are several factors to consider when choosing a business signage solution. Among these are its size, effectiveness, and effect on brand awareness and shopping habits.


Studies have shown that effective business signage can boost profits and sales. Approximately 75% of businesses use signage for advertising their brand. And according to one study, six in ten consumers buy a product they recognize from signage. So it makes sense that businesses use signage to attract and retain customers.

Signage can increase sales by 7% or more, doubling a business’s profits. It can also reduce costs. In some cases, signage can even become a business differentiator. For example, signage can establish a brand, help customers find a store, or provide information about a product. In addition, business signage Salt Lake City can be indoors or outdoors and is especially effective if it provides valuable information. Typically, valid data includes the business name, physical address, and phone number. It can also announce upcoming events or special promotions. Inside a business, signs can also display store policies or product descriptions.

Impact on shopping behavior

Signage influences a customer’s decision to shop at a particular store. Research has shown that consumers associate quality business signage with a product’s quality. Furthermore, 34% of shoppers base their purchase decisions on the quality of store signs. This evidence shows that well-designed and placed signage can significantly increase a business’s visibility and sales.

Signage can help a business by reducing the number of interruptions in the shopping process. It can serve as the first point of contact for a customer and answer common questions such as where to use the restroom. Additionally, it can also reduce employee interruptions. This can be especially useful in the age of pandemic-driven health concerns.

Effectiveness on brand awareness

Business signage is vital in brand awareness, attracting new customers, and promoting a business. Furthermore, 2 in 5 shoppers make assumptions about the quality of the business based on its signage. Therefore, companies need to understand the power of business signage to increase brand awareness.

Firstly, signage must be memorable and clear. The most significant number must see it of relevant consumers. Volume is essential, but relevance is more important. However, many companies have patchy audience profiles, and their advertising needs to be more accurate in translation. It is essential to ensure that all departments are on the same page. Finally, ensure that your signage reflects your consumer’s preferences and needs. This can be achieved by considering the four critical elements of signage.


There are several factors to consider when selecting the size of your business signage. First, you should consider the amount of visibility you want to achieve for your signage. Generally, a small-sized sign will have better visibility than a large-sized one. Secondly, you should consider the placement of your signage. Large posters are typically distracting for passersby. Small-sized signs are easier to place where people can view them.

Secondly, determine how far away your customers will be. Your business signage will be your customers’ first encounter with your business, so you must choose the correct size. Increasing visibility and readability will enhance your business’s exposure and increase sales.


Business signage is an essential element of your marketing strategy. A consistent visual identity promotes a narrative that customers can remember. Consistent signage also creates brand loyalty. Consistent signage also helps you differentiate your business from competitors. Consistency can make or break your signage.

Consistency is crucial to a business’s success. Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, consistency is key to a successful business. It can help you build brand awareness, build customer trust and deliver efficiently and profitably. Consistency is essential because every aspect of your business should be aligned with your larger goals. Think of your business as a machine – every part should function smoothly. If all the features work well, your business will be more successful.

Consistency in business signage is critical to your brand. Your signage should be consistent in appearance and content, in-store, online, or social media. By implementing consistent branding, you’ll get more people in the door and improve your business.