5 outfits to wear with Irish sweaters this autumn

Autumn is upon us, which means it’s time to dig out our Irish sweaters from the depths of our closets. Classic, elegant, and stylish, they’ve been in style for who knows how many seasons and there are lots of combinations that you can create with them. Here are 5 outfits that you can put together with Irish sweaters for every situation, whether it’s a date, a walk, or simply a shopping run.

Irish sweater and dress

A sweater can be worn with a dress in a number of ways. For a tiny and feminine appearance on sunny days, combine a mini skirt with a large and bulky Irish sweater. If you don’t have an Irish sweater yet, make sure to check out Tara Irish Clothing and find a wide range of sweaters of all designs, cuts, and colors that one would like, so that they would fit your lifestyle, occupation, and fashion choices. Tara is widely known for the modern take they have on traditional Aran sweaters. To accentuate your legs and make them look thinner and longer, pair the outfit with thigh-high boots or high heels. For this ensemble, you can experiment with many color combinations, such as white and dusty pink, orange and dark green, or black and gray. Consider wearing accent shoes, and instead of the standard black boots, try out beige or camel colored boots for a more interesting look.  Accessorize with a tiny purse and jewelry such as a massive watch or accent earrings.

Irish sweater and leggings

This outfit is perfect to run some errands or go grocery shopping, when you need to be warm and comfortable while still looking stylish. A thick Irish sweater, like in the case of the previous outfit, will draw attention to your legs and make them look thinner and slimmer, especially if you’re wearing tight leggings. Combine this look with some UGG boots or sneakers and a backpack for an extra cozy outfit that will be highly practical. The classic black and white combination looks especially elegant for this outfit, but you could also add some color to your look by wearing a gray or even a dark green jumper.

Irish sweater and trousers plus coat

For this outfit, the best option would be to go for a turtleneck sweater since it will offer better protection against the cold thanks to its high collar, but a classic crew neck sweater can work nicely as well. By pairing an Irish sweater with classic black trousers and a long coat, you get a very classy, sophisticated look that is appropriate for any official dress-code. When it comes to the color palette, the black and white is always a safe bet, but you can also opt for a neutral-toned jumper, such as a beige, dusty pink or black one. Wear this with black ankle length boots or loafers, since they are very popular this season.

Irish cardigan sweater, t-shirt and jeans

This outfit is ideal for lazy days, when you need to go to college but don’t know what to wear, or when you want to go for a walk in the park but don’t feel like dressing up. In this case, the trick is to wear your jeans with a slim-fitting t-shirt or crop top and a wide, loose cardigan, which will draw attention to your waist and make you seem really cozy and neat. The cardigan sweater, especially if it has huge, three-dimensional stitches, can work well as a jacket alternative and will add interest to your outfit. For maximum comfort and style, choose a neutral colored top and a bright cardigan, and combine them with sneakers or other sport shoes.

Irish sweater, flannel jacket and trousers

It is impossible to imagine autumn without layering, so by wearing this outfit, you can be sure that you won’t be cold while also avoiding the need to wear huge, heavy jackets all day. For a perfect look for this season, pair a thin Irish sweater with an oversized flannel jacket and some stovepipe trousers or perhaps culottes. Choose bright colors like orange and yellow, but keep in mind that your outfit should not contain more than three colors if you want it to seem put-together. Wear it with a hat to dress it up; this way, your outfit will scream fall and look fantastic with all the colorful leaves all around it.