5 Fun Activities You Can Try Around Borobudur

One of Indonesia’s most iconic landmarks, Borobudur, is a 9th-century Buddhist temple chemical and UNESCO World Heritage site in Magelang, Central Java. While many travelers will love exploring each and every nook and cranny of the historical temples, other enjoyable activities are to do in and around the temple. Following is a listing of 5 exciting things to do in and about Borobudur you may choose from.

  • Have a triple temple tour – Borobudur, Mendut, and Prambanan

If you’re especially fond of temples, you can go on a one-way trip to the three significant temple complexes in the area. Begin the day at the UNESCO World Heritage website, Borobudur temple complex, by scaling the terrace-like 10-level structure and adoring the sunrise view. You won’t overlook the bas relief figures telling stories of the trip to Nirvana and also the narrative of the Buddha’s accomplishments from Mahayana Buddhism.

After looking around the compound, your next stop could be Mendut Temple, ” a nearby 26.4 m tall Buddhist temple that’s even older than Borobudur. With well-preserved reliefs and Buddhist figurines, it is a pilgrimage spot for sailors and Buddhist devotees during annual Vesak Day parties. Post-lunch and souvenir shopping, the final stop is the Prambanan temple complex. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prambanan is a Hindu temple complex together with hundreds of spiky-roofed structures organized approximately eight temples and eight shrines in the middle. A tour like this begins around USD42, for example, private transportation and a guide. Providers also provide transportation to and from your resort and lunch rest stops, so you will have everything arranged for you.

  • Go on a bike tour around Borobudur

For a green alternative, you may also go on a bike tour that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of Borobudur Village, close-up. This tour enables you to go at your own pace and you will even have more freedom to stop and take photos of pretty scenes. A bicycle tour package that includes lunch starts at IDR 400,000 per person, however, you can also rent a bike for approximately IDR 30.000.

  • Snapshots of the Borobudur temples at sunrise and sunset

Among the most incredible things about getting a visit to a cultural site like Borobudur are the stunning sunrise and sunset views across the temples and temples. Sunrise and sunset trips start from Rp. 500,000 (~USD35.30), also when you’re a morning person, you are going to have to have your preferred place at a Borobudur temple yourself as the tour starts before the elaborate official opening hours. Getting there’s a 30-minute drive from Magelang, or a one-hour push from Yogyakarta — which means you will likely be up by 3 AM to set away from your hotel. The first half of the sunrise excursions typically start at 4.30 AM and finish at 7 AM. Obviously, you are going to get to take a lot of photos. Alternatively, you can buy tickets in person at Manohara Resort Hotel.

  • Get an adrenaline rush rafting at Elo River

For something completely different, try rafting at Elo River – a Class III river, meaning it’s acceptable for beginners eager for an adrenaline rush but using little rafting experience. Located 8 kilometers, or even a 12-minute drive in the Borobudur compound, the 12.5 km-long river is a favorite among people. Prepare for an invigorating workout because it’ll require a raft of about 2.5 hours to get from 1 end of this river into another.

  • Admire Borobudur from the Punthuk Setumbu peak

Adventurous folk and severe photography fans should put Punthuk Setumbu in their lists – that the 400-meter-high mountain is a fantastic vantage point that you see Borobudur in all its brilliance. You’ll also get a wonderful view of the famous Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu volcanoes. Punthuk Setumbu is situated 4 km west of the Borobudur temple compound – go there at the crack of dawn to delight in the breathtaking view and fresh morning air. No admission charges apply.

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