5 CSR Ideas in Singapore For Your Company

Employees volunteering through CSR strategies in Singapore can help boost their morale and the company’s reputation. More importantly, it can take a company’s power and put it to a good cause. Here are five CSR ideas in Singapore to get started.

1. Give your employees volunteer days off.

If you’d rather not have your company establish a CSR program in Singapore, you can encourage your employees to volunteer independently. Many employees might have causes they want to fight for that their coworkers aren’t as interested in, so this method lets them help in their ways. You can encourage them to donate food, volunteer at food banks, or clean up public areas.

2. React to natural disasters.

Turn your company into a disaster rescue team with this CSR strategy in Singapore. Natural disasters like floods, typhoons, and earthquakes are devastating events that can change affected people’s lives. Provided that your employees are safe, you can encourage them to help after the disaster. Food donations are a safe way to help, but you can also gather your employees to help clean up the aftermath.

3. Help children in need.

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups, and helping them now will give them a safe and bright future later. Your company can volunteer at a children’s charity in Singapore. You can plan and run fundraising events, run social media campaigns for more visibility, and more. You can also directly donate to them, which may later help you with your taxes.

4. Look for programs with tax relief donation options in Singapore.

There are many tax relief donation programs in Singapore wherein the program can deduct your donation from your tax later. Not only does this encourage your employees to donate to a cause they resonate with, but they’ll also be getting something out of the deal. There are many programs with deductible tax, so you can research all available in Singapore and hand it to your employees.

5. Address a specific problem in a community.

Sometimes, you don’t have the means to change the lives of many. But limiting your scope to just one life is still a great way to give back to the community. Find a specific case you and your company care about, and start a fundraising campaign. You can campaign for a child’s education and help a children’s charity in Singapore raise enough money for a scholarship. You could also campaign for someone’s medical bills.

Are you looking for a CSR strategy in Singapore for your company? Singapore Children’s Society has many campaigns for you and your employees to donate to, all of which are eligible for a tax deduction. Or, your company could make a campaign! Visit their website for more information.