5 Best Thing To Do On Wine Tours in Margaret River

Margaret River wine tours are a perfect way to experience this breathtaking region, rich in agriculture, natural beauty and history. This scenic region is home to over 800 grapevines that produce premium wine, and you will want to taste some of it for yourself during your Margaret River wine tours. The wide array of activities suggested for the wine tours Margaret River will make your stay memorable. From hiking and biking in the mountains to taking a trip out on the boat, you will never be bored while visiting this part of Western Australia.

Scenic attractions for tour groups in wine tours Margaret River

If you plan a group tour of the Margaret River, you should experience this region’s beautiful surroundings. Famous for its variety of wildlife and natural history, this coastal area also boasts several picturesque inland sites that are truly worth seeing. These are some areas you should visit during your wine tours Margaret River.

1. Margaret River Tourist Park

Tour groups visiting this area will want to see the Margaret River Tourist Park, which offers many fun activities for children in addition to its natural surroundings. This tourist park is located near the famous town of Albany and will ensure your group vacation is truly memorable.

2. Stay Margaret River

Stay Margaret River is the perfect destination for wine tours in Margaret River. A growing number of people are now visiting this wine-making area, which features excellent scenery and entertainment. Another reason why you should visit Stay Margaret River during your trip to wine tours Margaret River is because of the great food there. This area also has accommodations for groups such as chalets and accommodation in caravan parks, which are spacious enough to accommodate large tour groups.

3. Margaret River Beer & Wine Adventure

Margaret River Beer & Wine Adventure is another exciting activity featured during your wine tours Margaret River. This attraction features several fun activities for you and your group to enjoy. For example, you can enjoy a time of the beer-making process and even try some of the local brews for yourself. In addition, you can also have a go at trying some wine as well during your stay in this area.

4. Margaret River Canoe Tour

Canoeing is another fun activity featured during your wine tours in Margaret River. You can enjoy a fantastic day of canoeing in the beautiful ponds of Margaret River, where you can view several native birds. In addition, you will also be able to explore the winding rivers that surround this area.

5. Walking & Biking Tours

Biking is yet another fun activity featured during your Margaret River wine tours. This area features the best cycling trails in Australia, which will make your time exciting. You can also enjoy walking around the Margaret River Wine Farm or by the Margaret River Campground for a relaxing camping experience.

Next time you plan to go for a vacation, check out the above activities in Margaret River wine tours. With this area, you will never be bored while spending your time here.