4 TIps for Advancing Your Career As a CPA

You spent four years earning a degree in accounting. You studied for endless hours to prepare for the certified public accountant (CPA) exam. Finally, the day of the test arrived and you passed. After gaining a few years of experience working in accounting, you are ready to begin a long term career Palm Desert CA as a CPA. Following four basic tips will help you do so.

  1. Network With Others

Although important in any field, networking is particularly essential when it comes to establishing yourself as a CPA. The more contacts you make, the better you can position yourself for that dream job. Not only does establishing a strong network of accountants keep you in the loop for career opportunities, it also enables you to gain insights from established CPAs.

  1. Learn From Others

From the many contacts you establish, identifying a few to act as mentors can help you land that lifelong job. While you can learn a little from any of your accounting colleagues, finding one or two with years of experience who are willing to work closely with you as you progress in your career journey will prove valuable in several ways. Having more than one mentor can prove advantageous in that each will likely have a different strength. One, for instance, may be more technically sound, while the other may better help you navigate business relationships.

  1. Stay Up With Technology

This has become nearly essential in today’s business environment. New software is being developed on a regular basis. Software you are already familiar with, such as Excel or Crystal reports, is updated on what seems like a weekly basis. Keeping up with technology will position you to become a highly valuable accounting resource.

As you begin your journey as a CPA, following these three tips will help you advance your career.