4 Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

Exercise is important for everyone – seniors included. Experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week, with two of your session including a strength-training component. Many seniors struggle to meet these requirements safely when they are confined to the home. There is no reason to skip your daily workout though, when you learn a few safe and effective exercises that anyone can do, whether outside, at the gym or when they are stuck in the house.

  1. Chair Stands

While full squats may not be on your daily agenda., there is no reason you can’t benefit from the same motions. Chair stands offer a safe way to work your quadriceps, gluteal muscles and core. If you are concerned about stability, perform the exercises when someone from your home health care agency Flora Park NY is there with you to monitor your activity.

  1. Seated Leg Extensions

These work your quadriceps, which are the muscles of your thighs. Seated leg extensions are great for stabilizing your knees and strengthening your core, too. Start off seated and, as you grow stronger and more comfortable, you may be able to transition to standing next to the chair for these extensions.

  1. Wall Pushups

You want to work your upper body as well, and wall pushups offer a gentle way to challenge the muscles in your chest, arms, shoulders and upper back. They are a great way to build upper body strength without getting onto the floor.

  1. Heel to Toe Walking

Improving your balance will help you stay independent and active. Heel to toe walking is more challenging than it appears and is an excellent balance challenge for seniors.

Exercise is more fun when it is done with friends, but seniors at home can still challenge themselves and improve their fitness levels. Be sure to stay within your comfort level, and stop doing an activity if it causes pain. Always check with your health care provider before you begin a new exercise program and follow her recommendations for safety.