3 Ways Automation Benefits an IT Company

When people think of automation, they think of robot programs like a pick and place system or the machines that assemble cars in factories. Many are scared that this new tech will replace human positions, but this isn’t the case. Within the IT industry, automation can have some significant benefits.

Better Organization

The use of automated tools helps distribute information across the company seamlessly. A quote created in the sales department can also be invoiced and sent through the same system. The information is contained in one area, and automation keeps it current. Your team doesn’t waste time hunting for documents or records. Everyone can log into the software system and find what they need.

More Efficiency

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using IT automation is the efficiency that it brings to your office. Your team doesn’t get bogged down in repeatable tasks that need to be complete manually. Automation can create help desk tickets, configure an application, and run security checks. The average tech needs about five minutes to create a new ticket, but automation can do the same process in as little as 30 seconds. Just think of how much time that adds up to a week in extra productivity. If a tech did about 20 tickets a day, you could see a savings of about seven and a half hours a week.

Multi-Department Interaction

Without automation, there are breakdowns and gaps between department communications and information access. Having to maintain separate processes, accounts, and spreadsheets for each department doesn’t make it easy to collaborate or quickly deliver finished products to a customer. Automation allows each department to have full visibility with each other by centralizing the data. However, each department is able to fully run reports and evaluate their own progress within the system.

Automation isn’t something to dread or fear for your organization. There are many things that automated processes can do to help improve your efficiency and cost-effectiveness.