3 Items You Should Recycle

metal recycling schaumburg il is good for the environment and may even save you money in the long run. Each specific material you put back into the system for reuse comes with its own set of rules for how to recycle. Here are three items that you should recycle.

  1. Metals

Some commonly recycled metals include aluminum, brass, copper, silver and gold. Metals are particularly good materials to recycle because their properties do not degrade the way that papers and plastics do. Recycling metals helps the environment by eliminating the resources and raw materials required to produced new metals. A scrap metal recycling company Byram Township NJ can help you with any metals that you wish to get rid of.

  1. Plastics

Keep in mind that not all plastics are recyclable to begin with. This includes straws and plastic bags, so try to do your best to replace these items with reusable ones in your daily life. Plastics that are recyclable are categorized into one of seven different numbers that tell you what type of plastic it is. Some codes include:

  • #1 PETE, used for soft drink and water bottles as well as cooking oil containers
  • #2 HDPE, found in milk jugs, laundry detergent and bath gel containers
  • #6 PS, often used for toys, packing materials and CD cases

Only clean plastics that are free from liquid and food residue can be recycled, so make sure you rinse out your plastic containers before putting them in the bin.

  1. Papers

Once you are done reading the newspaper or using that cardboard box, you can toss them in the recycling bin so they have the chance to become another paper product for someone to use. Avoid putting wet papers into the bin and make sure to break down cardboard to save room.

Make sure you know how to recycle these three items.