How To Create Your Company Brand

Establishing a good brand is essential when building a company. A brand sets the business apart from competitors and creates an emotional connection with customers. Building a brand requires the following steps.

Know Your Target Audience

Who are you selling your product or service to? Understanding your target audience is key because it profoundly impacts what direction you will take your brand. For example, if you’re selling funeral home services, you’re probably not going to be successful with a fun, flirty brand. To truly know your audience, you should start by researching your competitors and seeing who they sell to. Look at their social media pages and pay attention to the people who are interacting with the company. You can gather a lot of important demographic information this way, which will help you build your brand.

Choose the Brand Colors

Start by establishing the colors of your brand. This will help you with both logo creation and product packaging and design solutions. Understand that each color will carry a different psychological impact. For example, yellow tends to portray warmth, light and positivity. Green signifies health, nature and growth. If you want your customers to view your company as bold, vibrant and youthful, go with a robust red color.

Stay Consistent

You want your customers to feel like they know your company and your core values. The best way to do this is to stay consistent in brand voice across all platforms. For example, you don’t want to take a somber tone on Facebook yet get quirky on TikTok. Switching brand identities will only confuse customers, and it may even be the reason you lose business. Figure out your company’s core values, then use those beliefs to drive your whole approach to social media and website development. You’ll also find that creating this company persona can help you in other areas of brand building.