3 Easy Steps to a Clean and Organized Home

Whether getting ready for Spring cleaning or just looking to put your home in order, there are three easy steps to getting started. Begin by deciding what to keep. Then figure out what to do with your extra items, and finally organize what’s left. These steps will help you get your house organized before you know it.

Deciding What to Keep  

There are plenty of recommendations for how to decide what to keep and what to throw away. You could go through a series of questions to help you identify and sort. Alternatively, you could follow the Kondo method and ask yourself if it sparks joy. Whichever you decide, be sure to be critical. If you find yourself going back and forth, you can always put the item to the side and return to it later.

Managing Your Waste  

A majority of your items are most likely in good enough shape for continued use. Rather than let those items fill the landfills, consider donating your goods. A variety of charitable organizations provide pick-up services to make it convenient. By giving your belongings to charity, you will feel better about yourself. As an added bonus, your donations can get you a tax write-off for the fair market value of your items.

Improving Your Organization 

Finally, it is time to decide what to do with each item you kept. Start by rethinking where you are storing each item. Does it makes sense in the bedroom, or would it be better in the living room? For the bulkier articles you wanted to keep but don’t have space for, look for a clean and well maintained facility storage. This facility will ensure your larger valuables are safe and ready for you whenever you want them.

Once done, you will be amazed at how incredible your home looks. Happy cleaning!