Why You Should Consider Adopting A Grandparent

Barbecuing - Senior man and grand daughter preparing steak with family in the background

More and more, the concept of “adopting a grandparent” has become popularized. There are sweet stories of kids who have recently lost their own grandparents going to visit older individuals in nursing homes whose families cannot visit them, or who may even have no families at all. Here are some reasons that you should consider “adopting” a grandparent of your own.

Giving Back

Spending time with elderly folks who are in assisted living Salem MO is a great way to give back not only to your community but to one of the generations that came before you. In many cases, these are the individuals who helped raise you. It only makes sense to extend that kindness back towards them as they are now in a vulnerable position themselves.

Teaching Something New

It is entirely likely that there will be things that you know more about than your “grandparent,” such as technology or trends. In addition to helping them learn how to use their smartphone, it might be fun to teach them how to use certain slang terms or dance moves.

Learning Something New (Or Old)

The chances of your new “grandparent” having incredible stories to tell you about their past are decent. These act as history lessons in a way, but are not so dry and dull as what you will encounter in most classrooms. Talking with your “grandparent” can give you a new perspective on historical events that you may not have considered before.

All-in-all, spending time with someone with different experiences than you can be extremely rewarding in many respects. There is ample opportunity to teach, learn, and grow as a person. Plus, being able to be a part of someone’s life who may not necessarily have much in the way of community can often be its own reward.