What To Consider While Buying ASMR Microphones

The popularity of ASMR content has been reaching heights over recent times. You too are probably here intrigued by the mesmerizing sensations it creates, learning how it works, and aspiring to create ASMR content yourself.

There are many aspects of creating ASMR videos that are worthy of garnering huge viewership. However, doing any job the right way requires having the right set of basic equipment. Therefore, this guide will let you know how you can choose the best asmr microphones.

Factors to consider while buying asmr microphones

There are some key features that you will have to consider while buying the perfect asmr microphones for you. These factors are highly critical to your ASMR content being successful. Let us consider the most significant ones among these.

It should have high sensitivity

The sensitivity of a microphone is its ability to pick up the most subtle of the sounds. It is measured in dB V/Pa and is a negative value. A microphone with the sensitivity -25 dB V/Pa will provide you with more detailed sounds from the quiet sources than one with a sensitivity -50 dB V/Pa. Hence the greater the sensitivity the better is the microphone for you.

It should have low self-noise

Most among the Best microphones for asmr claim that they have a low self-noise. Self-noise is a characteristic that creates an annoying noise in the recorded audio or video.

It is measured in dB (A) and works this way: if the microphone has a self-noise of 6 dB (A), then the sound played at 6 dB (A) will ensure playing at a level and without disturbances. Thus, to provide the best sensational experience in the ASMR videos, there would be a low self-noise in the specific asmr microphones.

It should have interface connectivity

Most often, while recording you might have to connect the microphone with other devices. These may include a mixer, a field recorder, or simply your computer. Therefore, you should always ensure that the microphone you are interested in will plug in a variety of devices.

It should be durable

As a beginner, you might be learning the multifarious aspects of creating ASMR videos. Even being a professional does not mean you should spend again and again on microphones after them turning out to be faulty after some time. Moreover, the asmr microphones you buy will have different features and you would likely get accustomed to using the present one. Change of microphones may affect the quality of your ASMR. Therefore make sure you buy the durable ones.

It should be low-cost

It is undisputed that the right microphone is critical to the clarity and tingling effects in our ASMRs. However, that does not mean you should look for only the most expensive ones. Additionally, the money you save on the microphone, you can spend on other equipment to enhance your content.

Finally, you should know what you are going to record in our ASMRs. Based on this, you will have to select the appropriate one for you from amongst the many types of asmr microphones. These include mainly cardioids, super-cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional ones. Determining your requirements and analyzing the products for the above-mentioned characteristics, you should be able to find the Best microphones for asmr for you.