Things You Need To Know Before Doing A Proposal

Marrying the love of your life is one of the happiest things you would experience. But before that, you need to propose first. It is to ensure that both of you are ready to spend the rest of your lives with each other.

There are things that you need to know before having the grand proposal.


Before you receive the sweet yes of your partner, you need to experience planning a proposal first, like making a proposal decoration or proposal set up. Without this step, you will not reach the big day. It is not easy, especially if you are a busy person with lots of responsibilities. So if you want to make the perfect proposal, these are the things that you need to do:


Your relationship does not only revolve around you and your partner. Both of you have families who must be on your side once you two decide to enter the new chapter in your lives. Talking to your families would make the planning simpler, especially if they would suggest the proposal set up.

Also, asking the family is like showing respect to them for what they did to your partner. They are one of the keys to who your partner is right now.


Setting a budget for your plans is one of the things you must do. Do not spend too much money, particularly on the things that you will not need. The excess money you have could be for other things like an engagement ring and other proposal decorations like customised balloons in Singapore.

If you are the type of person who is not good at budgeting, you could get the help of a proposal planner. They also handle budgeting if it was given to them by their clients.

If you are on a tight budget, you could avail a proposal package from the proposal planner you hired.


Once you have talked to your families, ask the help of a proposal planner. They provide services beyond expectations and make your job easier. Many people say that they do the best proposal decoration in Singapore by making everything perfect and magical for the couple.

Some of the services they also do are:

  • Contact suppliers
  • Budget the money
  • Suggest proposal locations
  • Provide plenty of ideas

A proposal planner makes the job easy by giving different suggestions and having lots of connections, especially with the suppliers. They could pull strings if you need something almost impossible to find. Aside from that, they also offer a proposal package that is only available in Singapore to make the event more unique and focused to both of you.


A proposal is nothing without an engagement ring. Look for trusted and reliable jewellery stores in Singapore to ensure the legitimacy of the jewellery that you will buy. Always remember that it is jewellery that your partner would wear for the rest of their life, so find what you think fits her best.


A proposal planner will help you find suppliers for your big day. They have contacts with almost every brand to ensure that they could provide what you want and need. With the help of suppliers, you could create the best proposal set up in Singapore and prepare everything from your heart.


Of course, the proposal day will not be complete if there is no one to capture every moment that will happen. Hiring one is not easy, so you need to get one that is already known and professional to their work. To make the proposal set up to work, the photographer must know how to keep secrets, has incredible photography skills, and knows what they need to do in the big moment.

These are only some of the things that you could do when planning a proposal in Singapore. You can still customise and create other things that only you and your partner would appreciate and understand.



Picking a proposal location is one of the things that you need to focus on finding. It gives a message to your partner, so it is essential to choose the best place to have the proposal. Also, make sure that you will be allowed to make a proposal set up by the people managing the place.

Here are some of the locations you could choose from:


If you have a romantic place in mind, you could consider it as one of your options. The important thing is that you could do your preferred proposal decoration in that place.


Some couples value the little things in their relationship, and one of them is remembering the place where they first met. It is valuable to them because, in that place, they started to share moments in their life. On your proposal day, you will ask your partner to enter a new chapter in your life in that very location.


This option is generally for people who met the love of their life on dating applications. Since they did not meet in a place, their first date location is the first thing to remember. If you have the same case with your partner, you can consider your first date location as your proposal location. You could also give her the best balloon bouquet in Singapore to start your plan.


If your partner is the type of person who wants to go to different places, it is your time to pay more attention to what she is saying. In the locations that your partner will tell you, one of them could be your proposal location. Make it their first time there a memorable and loving one.

Make the place into something romantic, and create your proposal set up there.

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