How To Find The Best Interior Designer For Your Space

You don’t need to look through magazines or visit fancy houses to see the impact interior design has in our modern world. Take a stroll through Singapore’s streets and you can easily see its effects: not only is it in your homes or places of work, but it’s also in many other places, such as hotel lobbies, lounges of airport terminals, interiors of malls, and even schools, hospitals, and other such public places. Interior design has permeated every facet of our lives, even when we’re not quite aware of it.

Good interior design is not necessarily connected to luxury, nor is it something that only the rich or businesses can afford. Today, interior design is a necessity for all homes and spaces because it not only gives you more aesthetic homes, but also helps make your spaces safer and more functional, as well as create healthier environments for you and your family.

Interior design is a boon for you and your family. This is why you should invest in good interior design services if you want to remodel your home or construct a new one.

Finding the right interior designer

In Singapore alone, there are dozens of interior design firms that you can choose from. If you’ve told your friends and family about your plans to remodel, chances are that you’ve gotten quite the number of recommendations from them. So which one do you choose?

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t just pick the first company that you have been recommended. Interior design projects are big endeavours that have to be handled by the best company that you can pick. You don’t want this important project to encounter any problems, right?

Then your choice matters. In the dozens of choices that you can make regarding the pick for your interior design company, you can narrow them down according to the type of project that needs to be accomplished. Here are just a few factors that


1) Residential interior design or commercial interior design? For example, you’d want to get a residential interior designer for any house recommendation projects. If it is an office or retail outlet project, you should enlist the help of commercial interior design firms because the process for designing commercial interiors is different.

2) What styles do they specialise in? Another reason for being picky with your interior design picks is because they may specialise in certain interior design styles. If you’re looking to emulate a look, you may want to find an interior design company in Singapore with experience in creating the style of interior you want. For example, if you’d like a more minimalist interior, check if the firm has done similar projects in the past.

3) How experienced are they? Another important factor to consider is how long the interior design firm has been in business. How much experience do they have? A more experienced interior designer will naturally have a better output than newer design firms. You’ll also be able to more easily tell if they are the right choice because they have a number of past projects for you to reference from.


Tips on how to choose the most appropriate interior designer

Still worried that you might not be able to choose the best interior design company for your purposes? Here are some great tips to help you make the right decision.

1) Always have multiple choices when choosing. Don’t just go for the first designers that you meet or encounter. You should meet with at least thee or more interior design firms before making your decision. This will help you become more discerning with your choices, It also helps you choose the best services at the best price point.

2) Check the portfolio. How are their other interior design projects faring? You should always check their portfolio online before you make any hard decisions. What these projects look like and how it fits into your preferences is one consideration that you should account for.

3) See client reviews. An important next step is finding out what other people are saying about their encounters with your interior design firm. You should begin by checking reviews on other sites if possible, and if they’re a personal recommendation from a friend or family, discuss at length what they like about the interior design firm and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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