Shortcut For Learning Mandarin? 4 Ways To Accelerate Your Learning Progress!

We all know and understand that learning another language is never easy. It takes a lot of time apart from the intricacies to nail the basics. There is no ‘clear’ keystroke to make anything happen overnight or a week alone. Even if you’re taking the best online Mandarin courses or taught by an experienced teacher, learning another language requires patience.

However, despite the hardships that wait ahead of the learning journey, there are available routes and actions one can do to make learning more convenient and fun. By following these helpful tips, you can improve your learning fast as if you’re taking a ‘shortcut’!

Learn time management

Whether you’re taking an online Chinese course or through a learning centre, time management is often one of the most common adversaries of every language student. It’s often a great idea to get your vacant hours into learning something and expanding your knowledge about the language.

Intensity over duration

It does not matter whether you’re studying at home online or in a Chinese learning centre in Singapore. When it comes to learning Mandarin faster, intensity is superior to spending long hours of ‘study’ that doesn’t lead you anywhere. Studying at a lengthy hour isn’t ‘totally’ harmful, don’t get it wrong. However, it often ends up stressing and making you less focused, lessening your ability to retain information in the long run.

Give attention to the tone

While characters and grammar are one of the most solid foundations needed in learning Chinese, paying attention to the pronunciation and tone can impact your learning. Learning grammar and characters get better over time as you dive in, but your ability to pronounce doesn’t change.

Apply what you have learned everywhere

Whether you’re taking business Mandarin for banking professionals or want to expand your language knowledge, applying what you learn is crucial. Studying alone isn’t always enough, as learning can only be successful if one can practice and ‘apply’ them in their daily life.

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