4 Tips For Decorating Kindergarten Cubby Holes

Children have very short attention spans and find countless things uninteresting. They only respond to stimulating activities and objects with vibrant colours and fascinating prints and often ignore tasks and goods that bore them. Some kids even refuse to use furniture in their Singapore home or classroom that does not suit their tastes.

If your kindergarten students do not want to use their cubby holes to keep their bags or shoes, they may not find these storage spaces interesting enough. If you want them to utilise such furniture pieces, consider spicing up their looks to make them more appealing to your young learners. Read on to learn four tips to help decorate your classroom cubby holes.

1. Think Of A Theme

Children will find your classroom furniture interesting if you decorate them with a recurring theme. You may use complementary colours and patterns or identical prints to style your kindergarten furniture pieces, including your cubby holes.

2. Get Inspired From Popular Cartoons

If you want your cubby holes to appeal to young learners, turn them into storage spaces that look like famous cartoon characters. You can even encourage them to interact with their cubby holes to keep them interested in using them.

3. Personalise Each Cubby Hole

If you have enough time to understand the personalities of your kindergarten pupils, you can use their traits as design inspirations for their cubby holes. You can also use this tactic when styling the shoe rack in your Singapore facility!

4. Let Your Pupils Decorate!

Allowing children to decorate the furniture in their Singapore kindergarten will not only allow them to develop creativity, confidence, and curiosity—it can also help them to become interested in using furnishings in their classroom, including their cubby holes.

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