Select the best chair mats for your home office

If you work from home, the floors in your home office aren’t the best for office chairs. Chair mats are a crucial part of both professional workspace and home office. Investing in a chair mat is vital if you have a chair that rolls or moves. A plethora of options in the market makes it difficult for buyers to select the best chair mats. Moreover, there are different kinds of materials used by chair mat manufacturers.

Carpet glass chair mats are ideal as other materials might not provide a stable surface. The rolling experience is way better when you invest in quality glass chair mats. Glass is one material that suits floors of all types, including high, medium, and low carpet.

You can confidently invest in the glass chair mats if you have a hardwood floor. Buying an office chair mat is complicated when you don’t consider the critical factors. Though glass is a good choice, you can evaluate the crucial aspects of selecting the right chair mats.


As specified earlier, you must evaluate the floor type well as different flooring require various chair mats. Carpet and hard surfaces are the two critical categories. If you have carpet flooring, go for thick chair mats with spikes or nubs to hold them in place.

The mat will stay in place even if you roll the chair continuously. When it comes to carpet varieties, you will find low, medium, and hard pile carpets. Hard piles are usually seen in homes, and most workplaces have low pile carpets.

Apart from the carpets, there are hard surface floors, linoleum floors, and concrete and tile flooring. Hard surfaces and linoleum floors require a chair mat, but it is not essential in tile flooring. However, concrete floors are sturdy, and individuals can invest in a good chair mat for aesthetic or ergonomic purposes.

Mat material

The chair mats are in four materials: PVC, polycarbonate, glass, and wood. You can select the materials based on aesthetics, texture, and material durability.

Though there are different materials, you can choose only suitable chair mats for your floors. PVC is an affordable choice that is usually in many offices across the globe. However, carpet glass chair mats are tough and durable. Most people prefer glass over other materials as these chair mats look great.

Mat shape

When selecting the mat’s shape, you need to consider the chair’s configuration. Mostly, people choose a rectangle or flattened T shape as these shapes provide ample space for the chair. You can find the diverse shape of chair mates, and some manufacturers also allow you to customize the shape per your requirements.

As a remote worker, you might work longer than required. Ensure you have a proper home office setup to support your daily activities. When you don’t have comfortable seating, you might find it challenging to focus on the task, which eventually results in procrastination.

Whether you are a remote worker or work in a traditional office environment, there will not be so much in the daily tasks assigned. Consider a good home office setup that includes ergonomic chairs, chair mats, and a stable internet connection.

The Takeaway

At times, you might try to save money when shopping. Investing in a glass chair mat is better as you notice the difference between glass and other materials. Plastic chair mats can be annoying and instantly disrupts your concentration during work. Ensure that you buy a high-end chair mat from reliable suppliers.