Save Planet Earth: Beginner’s Guide To E Recycling In Singapore


Even though the world’s technological advancement brings convenience to everyone’s life today, it also delivers misfortune to the world. You should know that the grass will not always be greener on the other side as long as humanity neglects the environment. Instead of cornering the government for not doing its job well when it comes to electronic recycling in Singapore and other countries worldwide, one should do something about it.

Remember that the government is only a portion of any country. The ones that represent a nation are the people themselves. If you, your neighbours, and everyone else participate and practice proper electronic recycling, it can be an excellent help.

In other words, your actions can go a long way. To further explain, read through this article. It will help nudge to start practising e recycling in Singapore.


Part I: 4 Environmental Benefits Of E Recycling


1. Reduced The Chances Of Mining Raw Resources

Practising e recycling in Singapore helps reduce the chances of mining virgin resources. In other words, manufacturers would not mine any naturally occurring metal. They will consider using metals from old gadgets. After all, metals are malleable, which is why electronic recycling is possible.

2. Save Water Bodies From Toxic Waste Poisoning

Another environmental benefit of e recycling is that it can save water bodies from toxic waste poisoning. As fewer electronics will end up in landfills, there will be little to no harmful chemicals released into the groundwater that may find their way to the wells and other water bodies nearby.

Without toxic waste poisoning, there will be more fish in the sea and ocean. You can expect that edible marine animals will become safer to eat. That is why if you love eating sushi, you should start practising e recycling now and encourage people around you. Otherwise, you will not be able to eat it again in the future.

3. Recycling E-Waste Lowers Air Pollution

To guarantee that, consider bringing your old and unused devices to an e recycling provider. Before doing so, however, perform proper HDD degaussing to ensure your personal information will no longer exist in those gadgets.

4. Helps The Environment Becomes Cleaner

Once everyone practises proper electronic recycling in Singapore, the need for landfill will decline considerably. With fewer landfills, there will be little to no electronics that produce toxic waste, which can harm the environment. In other words, the world will become much cleaner.

Part II: 4 Other Benefits Of E Recycling

1. Offers Manufacturers Eco-Friendly Resources

Rather than paying to mine raw resources, more manufacturers will prefer to get the ones they need for affordable prices. As you already know, running a business entails making more money, not incurring additional costs.

Manufacturers will think twice about mining raw resources with more eco-friendly resources available. They can use their budget to increase the number of their productions instead and meet the growing customer demand.

2. More Jobs Available

Another benefit of e recycling is an increase in employment. If electronic recycling also happens in other places besides Singapore, it can create more jobs.

Keep in mind that the e recycling process is a lot more tedious than you think since each component comes in different sizes. The only way to recycle each part of electronic devices is to dismantle them and segregate them into the correct storage, which requires human labour.

3. More People Can Afford To Buy Gadgets

If electronic recycling becomes commonplace, more people can buy the gadgets they want. There are two ways this scenario can happen.

One is to sell old devices to a shop that accepts used gadgets and sells them as second-hand ones. The other way is that manufacturers will sell their produced gadgets at much more affordable prices since they already use eco-friendly or reused resources.

Nevertheless, the world will become more connected if more people can buy gadgets and gain internet access.

4. Promotes Mindful Consumerism

Promoting mindful consumerism is another benefit of e recycling. As electronic recycling becomes more common, everyone will become more cautious of luxury habits. Before buying new and latest smartphones and other electronic gadgets in the market, they will think twice about what they will do with their current ones.

Two of the thoughts that will come into their mind when this happens is to donate their old gadget to charity or bring it to an e recycling centre in Singapore.

5. E Recycling Is Good For The Economy

Practising electronic recycling is good for the economy because this method uses less energy, reduces water consumption and creates less pollution.

With much lower demand, the prices decrease. Everything related to fuel will become more affordable for everyone.

Part III: How to Prepare Old Gadgets For E Recycling?

1. Create Backup Files And Clear Data

Whether personal or business information, you should create backup files and clear the data to save on the electronic gadgets you plan to donate or recycle. Doing so will keep your personal or business information that can be used against you.

2. Remove Harddrive And Other Useful Materials

HDD, SSD and motherboard are some of the useful materials that you can use. As long as these are in good condition, you can use them to upgrade your electronic gadgets.

In other words, you no longer need to buy new ones to get an upgrade. Just make sure to figure out how to reuse them, and you are good to go.

Conclusion: Save Planet Earth By Practising E Recycling

Practising electronic recycling in Singapore is only one step toward saving planet earth. But even if that is the case, you should know that the thoughts and consistency that matter. If everyone practices e recycling and other things that can save the environment, overcoming global warming can be possible.

Start practising e recycling in Singapore by donating the old gadgets that you no longer used to Metalo International. They have been in the electronic recycling industry for years that offers HDD degaussing.