Is Getting An Early Critical Illness Plan Necessary

When it comes to protecting our health, we give the best importance by going to a doctor when we are not feeling well or having cough, migraine problems, muscle pain, body injury, and many more. All these health problems can get treated without any worry, but when the question comes, is early critical illness insurance necessary. We need to think it different as these illnesses require proper hospitalization and treatment. Today, we protect ourselves and our family with this insurance to stay protected and diagnose early critical illness before it’s too late and protect from a financial problem when we do not have the treatment cost.

  • Prevent critical illness early on time

When a person is diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or a brain tumour that needs an operation, we feel sad, stress, or depression when we do not have the money for treatment. Today, when we cover under early critical illness insurance, we can prevent the disease or the infection from spreading more in the body by treating early and protecting our health on time. Also, we do not have to bear all the hospital and surgical treatment costs and protect us from any financial problems.

  • Easy to claim the hospitalization costs and treatment

We can easily claim the cost of treatment, hospitalization costs, and other medical expenses when the person is insured with early critical illness insurance and can get the insurance company’s money later. It is an all-rounder insurance cover that helps us for proper care when it comes to treating critical illness and getting the payout amount we can use for our medical expenses or living expenses later on and protect us financially and during any medical emergency. We can treat any critical illness early, like cancer and other severe life-threatening diseases, anytime we insured or cover ourselves under this insurance.

  • Helps in treating many critical illness early

Our health is the most important priority in today’s life to stay healthy, strong and happy. Recently we see the pandemic what it does to the whole world, and today’s life becomes a faster lifestyle change. Health becomes a big factor in today’s world, and to stay protected whenever an emergency comes, particularly critical illness because of more health problems these days. When we insured or covered ourselves, we protect ourselves from critical illnesses like heart attack, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer, etc., to prevent ourselves by treating them early.

  • Cover more number of benefits

Early critical illness insurance covered more number of benefits when an individual insured themselves under the plan. The person will benefit from a lot of medical and financial benefits in Singapore. The insurance plan covers free medical check-up or health check-up, death benefit because critical illness is a serious illness and protects the family financially, maximum payout when claimed, discounts and many more. Early critical illness insurance in Singapore will help us with many benefits and protect our health early and help as financial support.

What is maid insurance? It is an insurance that is mandatory in Singapore for protecting the health of maid or domestic workers who come to work to prevent them from any health issues or accidents and treat them on time. When an emergency comes and financially protect them from hospital costs, treatment or visiting medical clinics etc., the employer or the insured person will ensure the maid under this insurance policy maid comes to work and protect them. It is an insurance policy in Singapore by the Singapore government, and everyone needs to follow it if anyone hiring a maid to do everyday work.

  • Ensure maid health

The Singapore government implements this insurance to protect the maid from any health and any financial crisis when there is an emergency when the maid covers under the maid insurance from any accidents, protects from any health problems and treats them on time by visiting medical clinics. Also, ensure a considerable amount of money in compensation if the maid has any permanent disability due to an accident from the insurer, which helps the insured person from any financial trouble protecting the maid by covering them under this insurance policy.

  • Cover maid personal goods from theft or damages

When maid or domestic workers covered under the maid insurance policy, the maid protected from theft or damage in Singapore. When it is about their personal belongings and stay protected when any of their personal belongings get damaged due to flood, fire or theft, the insurer will pay the damaged cost to the maid or the domestic worker and help them during any financial crisis. 

  • Provides critical illness cover

When the employer covers their maid under maid insurance in Singapore, they will also protect from a critical illness which is a serious health issue and need immediate medical treatment and hospitalization. In Singapore, a vast number of insurance companies provide different maid insurance policy we can choose today to protect their health and from financial troubles.

  • Cover rehiring expenses

Maid insurance covers accident, injury, or severe illness etc. When the maid passes away, the insurer or the insurance company will pay the agency fee or help the employer look for a new maid when the maid is in the hospital or due to a severe critical illness if the maid passes away. The insurer will pay the total amount for the employer’s loss, preventing the employer from any financial problem and providing the business’s loss amount or work.

  • Compensation to maid during recovery

When the maid met with an accident or due to a severe illness hospitalized, the insurance company will pay every day a wage amount to the maid during the recovery time to protect the maid from any financial crisis and earn the daily cost of living met all the expenses.


These days health becomes the biggest priority for everyone to stay healthy and protected. Still, nowadays, due to different lifestyle changes, we have more health problems these days. We need immediate medical help today in Singapore to protect ourselves with early critical illness insurance. Similarly, we can protect our maid from any health problems by covering them under maid insurance which is mandatory as per the Singapore government.