How To Reward Your Hardworking Team

As a workplace leader, you should recognize and reward your employees as much as you order or discipline them. Proper recognition brings multiple benefits, such as an increase in general trust, a greater retention rate and a renewed motivation to work hard. Avoid the typical Employee of the Month incentive and consider the following rewards to truly celebrate the employees. 

Rest and Relaxation

A well-placed break can make a great difference in employees’ lives. Rest helps them recharge for another day, manage their off-work personal lives and entertain themselves for a moment. Offer all sorts of extra breaks to excelling employees. They can range from leaving the workday a few hours early to taking a couple of extra paid days off. You can even pay for spa services like a stone massage Fredericksburg VA or a body treatment. 

Lunch Day

An organized lunch day is a great way to keep morale high, establish bonds between coworkers and maintain the workplace’s wellbeing. Make it fun for the winners by letting them choose where to get the lunch from. They can choose a popular chain, a local restaurant or even something as simple as a nearby food truck. You can even take it a step further by getting a professional chef to cook at the workplace for the day. 

Student Debt Repayment

Student debt affects more people than you would realize. In fact, the country as a whole owes nearly $1.5 trillion in student loans. There is a good chance several employees in the office are trying to pay it off, which can significantly affect their finances. Make a positive impact in their lives by setting up a repayment program that can ease their financial burden. If they do not have debt, you can offer financial assistance with other educational pursuits. 

Employees that work hard and produce strong results should receive a meaningful reward. Consider these ideas when coming up with recognitions.