How To Make Your Own Skylight Shade

The cost of a commercial skylight blind is steep. While these do offer you the best protection, there are other options. For instance, you can make your own shade for much less money. Following these steps can help you reduce the amount of heat your skylights produce during the summer. 

Gather the Materials

There are a few things you will need to complete this project. This includes a measuring tape, two cafe rods, a drill, a screwdriver, scissors, a sewing machine, and fabric. 

Measure the Skylight

To get the shades right, you will need to install the cafe rods and take a specific set of measurements. You will need to know the length between the rods’ ends and the distance between the two rods.

Choose Your Fabric

Once you have your dimensions, you’ll need to choose a fabric. Look for a piece with the actual length between the ends of the rods to create a taught fit over your light, and if you want a loser shade, look for a wider piece of fabric. Also, look for materials that block heat but still allow light to enter your home. 

Sew Your Shade

The final step is to make your shade. Start by cutting the fabric to the necessary measurements, adding about 3 inches to each side for a way to attach the shade to the rods. Hem the seams. Iron the ends, making a sack for the rods to go through. Sew this pocket in place. 

Install Your Shade

Installing your finished shade is easy. Put the cafe rods through the pockets you have created for them. Then, slide the rods onto their hangers which you have already installed. 

Placing a shade over your skylight can reduce the amount of heat that comes into your home during the summer. While the commercial options can be expensive, you can try making your own on the cheap.