How To Help Your Parents in Their Later Years

As your parents get older, you may realize that they are not able to take care of themselves in the same way they did just a few years ago. Perhaps you see that their living room is a bit dustier, their refrigerator is not quite as full or their stairs seem a bit too treacherous. There are several simple ways you can make your parents’ lives a bit easier without putting too much of a strain on your budget or your time.

Maximize Accessibility

Oftentimes certain features of a person’s home can make it difficult or even dangerous to remain mobile in old age. Common culprits include steep stairs, uneven flooring and slippery showers. By making a few modifications, you can transform your parents’ home into a senior-friendly environment. You may want to consider installing ramps, handrails or non-slip bath mats.

Ensure Proper Healthcare

Another essential consideration is what sort of medical attention your parents may need on a regular basis. In order to prevent unforeseen health problems or frequent trips to doctors, you may wish to look into Washington DC home health agencies. These services can send the proper healthcare professionals right to your parents’ doorstep.

Limit Necessary Travel

In addition to minimizing the number of times your parents need to travel for medical reasons, it may also be a good idea to limit other trips outside of their residence. For example, you could consider having groceries or meals delivered to them. It can also be very helpful to guide your parents in how to order things online so that they do not need to make as many trips to stores.

Allow for Emergencies

Although you hope there will never be any major problems at your parents’ household, it is prudent to make plans in case an issue does arise. Make sure that there is more than one phone in the house and that each one is as accessible as possible. In addition, you may want to consider medical alert systems.

Make Frequent Visits

A final tip which may not seem quite as imperative is to visit and call your parents frequently. Be sure to communicate with them so that you are aware of what new needs may be emerging. Seeing or talking to you will also encourage you parents immensely.

Witnessing family members getting older and more limited in what they can do is never easy. Consider having a discussion with your parents about what adjustments can be made to maximize their wellbeing while staying in the home they love.