How The United States Immigration System Works: 5 Things To Know

When you come to America, you should work with a Los Angeles, CA immigration attorney who can make sure that you know how the system works. When you use these tips, you can be sure that you can become a citizen, follow the rules, and even get your kids the help that they need so that you can live the American dream. If you are not familiar with these rules, it can be hard for you to know what to do.

  1. Apply For Asylum

You can work with your lawyer to apply for asylum. You can do this at the border, or you can do so when you have settled. This might be a hard thing to do, and a lawyer in your community might do a lot of this work for free.

  1. Educate Your Kids

You can enroll your kids in school. This is a right that you have, and it is something that you should use to make sure that your kids are a part of the fabric of the community. You will often get a lot of help from the school because there are usually school support organizations that can help you and your family.

  1. The Court Hears Your Asylum Case

An administrative court judge will hear your case, and your lawyer will make sure that your case for asylum is heard. This is a good way to make sure that you can be noted properly, get the documentation you need, and get a job. This is also a good way to get DACA funding for kids who want to go to college.

  1. Check In And Continue The Citizenship Process

When you are checking in with your lawyer, they can help you make sure that you are going through all the steps of the citizenship process. If you do not do this, you might not make enough progress in the eyes of the government.

  1. You Have A Right To Due Process

You have a right to due process like everyone else. This means your lawyer can keep your case in the courts, appeal, and do what needs to be done to keep you in America with your family

When you are using these tips, you will find that it is very easy for you to work with a lawyer and protect yourself. Try to follow these steps so that you can emigrate to America and build a new life.