Choosing the best for the Interior Designing



If drawing is not your thing then you can also download free 3D drawing programs such as Google Sketchup. With this you can easily and quickly draw the floor plan of the living room.

Organization Chart Of The Living Room

Now that you know what the strengths of your living room are and what activities will take place, the puzzling can begin. Write each activity on a separate card and put the activities that relate to each other together. If you intend to combine functions with each other, you can bundle their package of requirements. For the interior design firm singapore this is essential.

Making School Work

Requirements: desk lighting, storage space, sockets for the laptop.

Eating Area

Requirements: atmosphere, close to the kitchen, storage space for plates and glasses.

Ideal Environment Function 1 And 2

Location close to the kitchen, directional lighting in combination with mood lighting, sockets, as much daylight as possible and sufficient storage for plates, cutlery, glasses and school utensils

Once the functions are sorted in a practical order, you only have to fit them into the floor plan. Determine how much space they need and define the different zones on the plan. See where separations are needed and see how you can achieve them. For fixed installations you can use false walls and furniture. With flexible fixtures, curtains and paravants are a great solution for creating more privacy quickly.

Open living room and dining room

Now shopping can really begin. Look out for furniture that fits in with your new concept and dare to use colors to define zones. This way you not only bring more zest to the living room, but you also create a sense of space.

Ideas For A Practical Living Room Layout

Provide An Open Feeling

Open spaces may be deliberately provided with the design and layout of the living room. This brings the interior into balance and creates a spacious feeling. When you stuff the room with furniture and decoration, the living room will look smaller and you will get a stuffy feeling. The balance between cosiness and excess is one of the most difficult tasks when designing the living room.

Desk And Computer In The Living Room

If you want to have a view of the living room and the TV from the desk, you can use a low partition wall. This provides a clear definition with sufficient privacy. If the wall is slightly higher than the worktop, you do not always have to tidy up the desk and the clutter is not visible from the seat.

Organize living room with screens

Another alternative is to use movable screens or a paravent. In the above living room, wooden screens can be shifted according to preference. More ideas for integrating the desk into the living room can be found in the article ‘ Tips for a Home Office in the living room ‘.

Integrate The Eating Place

A place to eat is provided in many living rooms. To avoid unnecessary walking, it is best to position the dining area between the kitchen and the seating area. This way you will not only make it more functional, but the transition between kitchen and living room will also be more pleasant. It is also useful to provide extra space next to the dining table. In this way you can move seats and an extra table when guests come by.