Besides A CCTV System, What Other Ways to Increase Office Security?

While it is true that Singapore has the lowest crime rate in the world, that does not mean you should be complacent. As you already know, life is full of surprises, and anything that can happen, even the security of your office, can be at risk. Besides installing a CCTV system in Singapore, you should do more to secure your office.

Keep reading to learn more about the other ways to increase your office security.

Keep Important Spaces Locked

Apart from the doors and windows, keep the file cabinets and desk drawers locked. Doing so will help safeguard confidential documents from intruders. Consider imposing a policy on your employees to seal the important spaces before they clock out.

Wear Identity Badges

Introducing ID badges for employees and visitors will help you monitor who comes in and out of your office besides the footage recorded by your CCTV system in Singapore.

Invest In a Biometric Machine

Since ID badges are easily stolen, further security measures like a biometric machine will help keep intruders away. Remember that a biometric machine is a door access system since it scans that registered fingerprint before letting anyone go in and out.

Secure The Premises with An Alarm System

Besides a door access system in Singapore, adding an alarm system can also discourage criminal activities. Anyone nearby will be made aware if someone is trespassing on your property as soon as the alarm sounds.

Get Your Lighting Right

Burglars prefer to hide in the dark like Batman, so getting your lighting right will make them think twice about intruding on your premises. They will also get caught in the security camera when you place the CCTV installation in Singapore at the right place with no blind spots.