5 Possible Reasons For Buffering Live Streaming In Singapore

It is annoying when your live streaming in Singapore stops in the middle of the most compelling part of the programme. The audience will likely leave your streaming programme if this buffering happens continuously.

Buffer is a common problem in live streaming andvirtual production in Singapore. Here are the possible reasons behind it and how you can avoid it:

1. Inadequate internet connection speed

Slow internet speed interrupts your live streaming, especially if you stream high-resolution videos.

As much as possible, use a faster internet connection, with an upload speed of 45Mbps and 100Mbps if multiple devices are connected to your internet connection.

An AGM webcast in Singaporeuses fast internet speed for buffer-free streaming.

2. Weak internet connection

Internet speed and connection are very different. No matter how fast your internet is, if it has a weak connection, your hybrid AGM webcast in Singapore will still buffer.

There are two ways to connect to your internet. The first is through a wired connection, and the second is through a wireless connection.

A wired connection is more consistent and faster. On the other hand, wireless connections are prone to messed-up signals due to other neighbouring signals, resulting in interruption.

3. Use adequate resolution

The higher the resolution of your video, the more it is susceptible to buffering. You can reduce your video’s resolution and keyframe interval.

4. Close other applications and software

You can max out your CPU usage when several applications or software are running in the background. It reduces the speed of your computer and causes buffering during live streaming in Singapore.

Close all running programmes on your computer before starting the stream.

5. Update your graphic cards

Graphic cards allow your computer to generate a high-resolution display. Advanced graphic cards are perfect for gamers and live streamers.

You can upgrade your graphic cards before yourAGM webcast in Singapore.

Apply these tips to ensure a buffer-free stream.

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