Before You Mount Your TV

TV’s today are meant to be mounted. Not only does it look sleek, but it also the perfect way to keep the cat and the kid’s sticky fingers front printing up the screen. Before you decide you want to mount your TV on the wall there are a few questions you should ask before starting or hire a professional.

Can My Wall Support It?

So, you have found the perfect spot to mount your TV. Right? Well, make sure your wall can support it. You might be surprised how heavy even the lightest light-weight TV is. Your best location is mounting it on a wall stud. In case you don’t know a wall, a stud is the vertical piece of wood or metal that helps create the framework. Getting a stud finder can help you locate your sweet spot or YouTube a video on how to find them without one. Once there you will have a sturdy foundation to secure your screws in.

Do You Have Port Accessibility?

Nothing is more frustrating than mounting up your new TV than to realize you need to get access to your TV ports. That happens to be behind the TV that you just mounted snugly to your wall. Before you mount your TV think, where are your ports or plug-in? If they are in the back, you may want to opt for an articulating mount that will let you maneuver safely behind your TV. Tilting mounts also let you have behind the TV access too.

Where Are All Your Cords Going?

The purpose of mounting your TV on your wall is to create a sleek seamless look. Unless you are okay with tons of cords draping down your wall. If you want a seamless professional appearance places like TV Mounting Florida can give you that professional mount by hiding those ugly cords inside your wall. You can also opt for purchasing cord concealer kits that can help mask them or invest in an entertainment center or tall bookshelf to go underneath. They usually have a hole in the back the cords can go through thus instantly hiding them.

What is your Viewing Angle?

When you think of mounting your TV on your wall most think of the simple fixed mount where the TV is placed straight flat against the wall. As we learned here, there are various ways, you can mount your TV. So, what’s your viewing angle? Thinking about how you watch TV can help when it comes to deciding your style of mount.

Whatever your choice in the style of mount planning beforehand can save you time and money, with more time to sit back and watch and relax.