A Handy Map On Which Features To Get Dermal Fillers In Singapore

As people get older, they develop different facial mortal enemies, such as fine lines, sagging, wrinkles, ageing skin appearance, loss of elasticity, downwards corners of the mouth, hollowness in the under eye, and slacker jaw line. The views on facial attractiveness and youthfulness differ from one individual to another. With that said, many individuals come for various treatments to achieve facial rejuvenation or restore facial youthfulness. This period is when an aesthetic clinic in Singapore comes to the rescue! Their expertise and skills can provide patients with services tailored to their needs, wants, or suitability, helping them balance their facial features.

One of the most common services of an aesthetician is injecting fillers in Singapore. These fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin. This aesthetic service can help restore the elasticity and volume on your skin, smoothing fine lines, plumping the lips, and helping them achieve a more radiant glow. To learn more about injectable filler treatment, here are the essential details about fillers for your reading pleasure.


There are numerous aestheticians and aesthetic services around the globe, but only the best aesthetic clinic in Singaporecan help enhance your beauty. While many dermal filler products are available on the market, knowing which filler is best for your facial features is also necessary. While your aesthetician can help determine what filler is best for you, here is also a list of the facial parts where you can have injectable fillers:


Did you know that one of the many visible signs of ageing occurs in your eyebrows? To smoothen brow furrows and enhance frown brow lines, get eyebrow fillers in Singapore.


As people mature, their skin starts to sag over time, creating fine lines on their tear troughs. If you wish to polish your under eyes and make your dark circles look healthier, consult an aesthetic clinic in Singaporefor under-eye filler treatments.


If you want more toned and shaped cheeks, consider getting cheek lift fillers in Singapore for a contoured face. This aesthetic service can also fuel collagen making in your skin.


As facial tissues thin out, lines become more evident and etched, especially around the nose and mouth. Because of this, the face starts to look dull and recessed. To eliminate the visible folds or fine lines beside the nose, treat yourself to an aesthetic clinic in Singaporewith nasal folds enhancement.


Another nasal feature you can get done is a nose lift. Nose fillers in Singaporecan give your bridge a bang and your nostrils a new shape, helping improve your breathing. If you want to achieve a more structured nose appearance like Bella Hadid or the Jenners, consider getting an injectable nose job.


With the help of an aesthetician, dermal fillers can also help you achieve plump, luscious lips. Getting lip fillers in Singaporecan also make your lips look fuller. Whether implants or injections, lip fillers can give you more pouty and juicy-looking lips.


If you’re starting to develop wrinkles, especially in the chin area, an aesthetic clinic in Singapore can be your lifesaver! Their services can help smoothen fine lines and wrinkles in your chin.


Another dermal filler an aesthetic clinic in Singaporecan help you with is your radiesse filler. This type can help make your hands look more rejuvenated, plumper, and youthful. This filler can also help minimise the appearance of visible veins in the hands.


Before getting fillers in Singapore, be it nose, lip, jawline, or anywhere else, it is crucial to know more about the factors that can affect your injection. Generally, if you work with the best aesthetician, their services last longer than the average life expectancy. However, over time, the visibility of the results gradually fades as they absorb water. Apart from the moisture, some other factors affect the longevity of your fillers, such as the material, consistency, treatment area, and body metabolism. To learn about the average permanency of fillers, here is a timetable.


If you consider getting eye fillers in Singapore, it generally lasts 12 months or even longer, with proper care and maintenance. Treat the tear trough area with utmost care and avoid touching it often to add support to thin skin in that area.


For cheek fillers in Singapore, it generally lasts for more than 24 months. Most aestheticians use one of the most durable filler types, which is hyaluronic acid filler.

To make your cheek augmentation dermal fillers last longer, visit your regular aesthetic clinic in Singaporefor touch-up treatment services 12 months after getting the injectables on your cheeks.


Whether injectables or implants, if you choose to get nose fillers in Singapore, non-surgical rhinoplasty usually lasts up to 12 months or even longer, with regular touch-up visits and proper maintenance. To increase its longevity, get follow-up and touch-up appointments every six to nine months after the filler service.


For lip augmentations, the injectable fillers in Singaporecan last up to 12 months or more. Typically, this aesthetic service takes up to three treatments until you get a fuller-looking result. To help sustain its longevity, ensure to do touch-ups.


If you want your hyaluronic acid fillers around the corners of your mouth to last, visit an aesthetic clinic in Singaporesix months after the treatment for a touch-up service. Doing so can help it last for a year or even longer.


Typically, chin augmentation fillers in Singaporelast between 15 to 24 months. If you want it to stay fresh for two years, be sure to do touch-up treatments and practice proper maintenance.


When selecting an aesthetician, work with the best aesthetic clinic available in Singapore. You’re getting injectable treatments, so thoroughly research their dermal products, how credible the clinic is, and their non-surgical services. Also, give yourself time to carefully choose which filler treatment you plan to get and scrutinise the non-surgical procedure. Whichever clinic you go for, ensure they have a proven background in cosmetic medicine, proper training, excellent cosmetic skills, and substantial experience performing filler injections. Be sure to work with a licensed physician, preferably a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

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