4 Helpful Tips for Taking Care of Your Custom Jerseys

Playing any team sports requires teamwork and camaraderie between the members. Do you know what can give your team a sense of belonging and spirit? Something as simple as unique sports outfits can make a team perform better and have more fun in the game. A personalised t shirt for a Singapore game may look simple, but it can add a bit of flavour to their next match. It’s also much more comfortable to wear!

Why not go for jersey printing services in Singapore? There are a lot of custom print shops that can provide you with quality sports clothing. But just because you bought quality clothing, doesn’t mean you can treat your garments roughly!

If you want you or your team to always show up to a match looking their best, look after them. Here are a few care tips for your custom jerseys.

  1. Wash them after every use. This should be a no-brainer. Jerseys get moist and stiff with sweat and dirt. Make it a habit to wash them after being on the field. This will not only prevent discolouration but also dirt from sticking to the fabric.
  1. Use gentle cycles when machine washing. Hand washing is always the best option, but if you must use a washing machine, set it to a gentle cycle and use cold water.
  1. Don’t use harsh chemicals when trying to eliminate stains or odours. That’s the quickest way to need another custom jersey printing in Singapore. Instead, go for baking soda or vinegar and let it wash in the washing machine.
  1. Don’t use your dryer. Intense heat can cause the elastic in your jerseys to wear out. Let them dry on a rack or hang dry them.

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