3 Survival Tips for When Your Air Conditioning Goes Out in the Middle of the Summer

When it’s mid-summer and the heat and humidity outside are at their peak, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning to unexpectedly go out. Unfortunately, this is a common situation that numerous homeowners find themselves facing every summer. While it’s important to call air conditioning repair services Riverside CA right away in this situation, there are a few key survival tips that can help you cool off until help arrives.

  1. Close Your Blinds and Try Opening Doors or Windows To Let In Fresh Air

In order to keep the outside temperature from creeping into your home, try closing your blinds and opening some doors or windows. That way, you’ll let in some fresh air for ventilation while protecting your home from excess heat.

  1. Change Into Lightweight Clothes and Make Sure To Stay Hydrated

As soon as the AC gives out, you’ll want to change into lightweight clothes, such as cotton T-shirts, for instance, that won’t trap heat and make you feel hot and sweaty. In order to avoid becoming overheated, it’s also critical to stay hydrated by consuming lots of fluids and water-rich produce.

  1. Consume Cold Foods and Use Damp Towels To Lower Your Body Temperature

When it starts getting hot and stuffy inside your home due to lack of air conditioning, it’s important to keep your body temperature down in order to avoid heatstroke or other potentially dangerous health situations. You can do this by consuming cold foods straight from the refrigerator such as ice cream, milk or other cold beverages, for example. If you’ve started to sweat, you can also soak a towel in water to make a quick cold compress.

When your air conditioning unexpectedly gives out during the summer months, there are several steps you can take right away to cool off while you’re waiting for maintenance or repair services to arrive at your home. Be sure to refer back to these survival tips the next time your AC unit suddenly gives out!