3 Exciting Cannabis-Infused Edibles You Need To Try

Wondering how you can navigate stress in a post-pandemic world? Many people have been turning to a natural remedy, medicinal cannabis, to ease symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Check out these three stress-busting cannabis-infused products the next time you head to your favorite dispensary.

  1. Gummies

Who know enjoying cannabis could be so tasty? Edible marijuana gummies give users excellent flavor, and they also pack a major punch when it comes to effects. They can be found in all sorts of flavors at your local dispensary for medical marijuana St Augustine FL. As with other cannabis products, you can find gummies in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid varieties.

  1. Chocolates

No one can resist chocolate, right? When chocolate is infused with cannabis, it becomes a truly delicious and potent treat that is one of the best stress-busters around. Chocolate is a great way to mask the taste of cannabis – you’ll get all of the delicious flavor without any of the funk. From white chocolate, dark chocolate, hot chocolate mix and even some decadent chocolate-covered espresso beans, there really are endless options to try.

  1. Tonics

Cannabis-infused tonics are one of the newest edible crazes. Yes, cannabis can be infused into a beverage! Typically, these drinks are bottled with measurements on the package that allow users to adjust the dosage for each individual’s needs. There are several tasty flavors to choose from, but flavors that feature citrus notes are best for masking any taste of cannabis. The most popular flavors include fruit punch, berry lemonade and lemon lime.

Don’t let the wide variety of medicinal cannabis options overwhelm you – it’s fun to find your new favorites among all the delicious options. The next time you head to your favorite dispensary, try any one of these delicious edibles; you won’t regret it!