10 Guideline on Picking a Sofa for Your Singapore Home

10 Guidelines for Picking The Best Sofa

Most of the time, the sofa is the most dominant piece of furniture in your living room. It often dictates the style and mood of the whole room. As times change, lifestyles have also been changing, and the living room has acquired a more pivotal role.

The sofa and the living room has become more multi-purpose as family routines blur into different activities. Now, families use their living room for several purposes other than receiving and entertaining guests. It has become a room for watching television, playing games or working on your laptops.

Here are ten guidelines to help you pick a living room sofa, whether you are buying a new one or redecorating an existing one.

#1 Follow the Two-Thirds Scaling Rule

Getting a sofa that is the length of one of your living room walls might make the room feel overwhelming. There is one approach many designers use that you can apply when purchasing a sofa for your Singapore home. Aim for a sofa that is two-thirds the size of the wall to allow the space around it to breathe. It will also allow you to add side tables or lamps on either side.

#2 It Should Be Functional and Stylish

Although your living room dimension is an essential factor in choosing your sofa, it should also be influenced by how you use the room. If the room is mainly for entertaining, it is better to put two sofas facing one another to provide ample opportunities for conversation. Size your sofas accordingly to provide ample space between and around them.

#3 Section Your Open-Plan Space with Your Sofa

You can use a sizable sectional L shape sofa in your Singapore home as a space divider. It will help define your living space from other parts of your home in an open floor plan. The sofa provides a necessary partition from your dining room or kitchen.

However, an L-shaped sofa can also be a smart choice for small living rooms. Choosing a design that will follow the perimeter of the room is best, in this case.

#4 Make A Statement with Your Sofa’s Colour

Choose a sofa in a colour scheme that will make a statement and provide a commanding presence in your living room. Consider the hue whether you want a leather or a fabric sofa in your Singapore living room. Make it a part of the space’s colour scheme without being too obvious. Go bold but choose hues that are still warm and inviting. Nowadays, more earthy tones like beige and rust have been making their return. Choose an Italian leather sofa from a reputable Singapore furniture store in bold russet or caramel if you want to avoid conventional colours.

#5 Sofas Can Come in Curious Shapes

Another factor that needs consideration is the shape of your sofa. Keep your sofa’s design in proportion to the room’s height. A sofa with a low back can create the illusion of having extra space. Nowadays, you will find sofas made in styles like modern-retro fluting and glamorous curved lines. On the other hand, you will also see sofas made in a raw, organic and unrefined aesthetic are making a breakthrough.

#6 Account for Your Sofa’s Arms

You should also take into consideration the sofa’s arms aside from its overall form and shape. Sofas with bulky arms can often obscure the flow of the room. The sofa’s arms should not block any sightlines or room features. Optfor that armless 3 seater sofa at a Singapore furniture store you fell in love with if you are partial to your sofa having an armrest.

#7 Retro Trends are Back

Rattan, wicker and other woven materials have been making a highly-anticipated revival. They are no longer considered dull, dated or dreary. Nowadays, texture and intrigue are at the forefront of design. These attributes make these pieces of furniture one of the hottest trends in the world of decor.

a-craftsman-re-upholstering-an-old-sofa-with-a-printed-fabric#8 Raw Materials and Unrefined Finishes are Trends

Many designers pair the heavy textures of bouclé fabric with pared-back designs to create a lovely tactile look and feel on their sofas. Warm, earthy shades like beige and coffee are making a comeback. These colours are replacing dreary greys as base colours. Choose inspired by nature to bring a pop of colour to your neutral space when opting for a statement sofa for your Singapore home.

#9 Curvy Sofas are In

Lift the layout and soften the overall look of your living room with a full-on voluptuous or gently rounded sofa. It adds a statement design focus to your decor without being too overwhelming. Many opt for relaxed, curvaceous sofa shapes since it provides both comfort and ample space for entertaining.

#10 Opt for a Statement Fabric

Choose a sofa for your Singapore home’s living room that will make a statement. Make it do the talking and be a catalyst for your room scheme. You can either opt for a printed fabric that will make a loud and bold statement or make a classic and refined choice by opting for leather. If you already have a couch but hate aspects of it, you can opt to have it re-upholstered in a different fabric and colour instead of buying a new one.

Choose a sofa that will best suit your lifestyle. Many designers recommend families that have children or pets opt for a sofa that can withstand anything. It is best to opt for a fabric that you can easily clean in case of spillage or fabric that your pet’s fur won’t adhere to. If you want your sofa to accommodate any trend, opt for a more classic design rather than a quirky one. It will ensure that the sofa will last in your Singapore home for a long time.

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