Your Ultimate Guide To Long Term Car Rental In Singapore

Auto rental services have been in Singapore for quite a long time now. They have serviced individuals, groups, and businesses that need a vehicle but are reluctant to buy one.

Mostly, car leasing in Singapore is for temporary use. Some people use it to travel around the country for the weekend, while others use it as a service vehicle for week-long business trips of VIPs and foreign delegates. Some people rent a luxury car in Singapore for formal occasions, such as galas and balls.

But did you know that there is a long term car rental as well? In contrast to short-term car rental, a single contract of this car rental arrangement lasts months to years. Continue reading to learn more about long term private hire car rental in Singapore.

An Introduction To Car Rental In Singapore

Car rental services allow a person to lease a car in Singapore within a certain timeframe. It could be at a specific time of the day, an entire day, or even in a few days. It all depends on the agreement.

There are specific terms in the agreement when you rent a car. For example, you have to have car insurance before using the rental car in Singapore. You can buy insurance from your car dealer or use your existing insurance. Most car leasing agencies in Singapore also implement mileage limits. Exceeding the limit may cost you extra charges.

Short-term vs long-term car rental in Singapore

You can distinguishcar leasing agreements in Singapore, depending on the length of the term. Generally, there are two types of agreement based on the term length; short-term and long term car rental in Singapore.

Short-term car rental

Short-term car rental agreements allow people to lease a car in Singapore within a day, a month, and up to a year.

Short-term rental car services in Singapore have a bunch of limitations. One of them is the mileage limit. They may also offer chauffeurs, which adds extra charges.

Short-term agreements may charge hourly or daily, depending on your car dealer.

This arrangement is often used for weekend getaways, pick-up services, and a personal service vehicle for business trips.

Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental agreements allow people to lease a car in Singapore within months up to two years. Some dealers set six months as their minimum term.

Compared to the short-term, there is an unlimited mileage limit for long-term agreements. However, it still depends on your private hire car rental company in Singapore.

People staying in the country for several months rent a car in Singapore instead of buying a new one or taking the public transport system. Long term car rental is also a cheaper alternative than purchasing a brand new one.

Fleet lease vs Private lease

You can also distinguish a car leasing agreement in Singapore, depending on the number of cars rented by a single client.

Fleet lease

Fleet lease arrangements consist of two or more rented vehicles. It can be a short term or long term car rental arrangement in Singapore; however, short-term rarely happens. Most fleet lease contracts last up to years.

Companies are the most common patrons of fleet leases. They rent vans and buses as employee shuttle services. They also hire cargo vans and light-duty trucks for logistic purposes.

Private lease

Private lease arrangements consist of no more than two rented vehicles. This service is generally for temporary use.

Private citizens are the typical patrons of private hire car rental. They rent compact vehicles to larger ones, like vans and minibuses for leisure travel, business trips, and pick-up services. Some people rent light-duty trucks to carry household loads when moving into a new place. It is a cheaper alternative to moving companies.

Now that you know the basics of car leasing services in Singapore, the next part will discuss the essential factors you should consider before entering a long term car rental contract and arrangement in Singapore.


Important Factors To Consider Before Entering A Long-Term Car Rental Contract In Singapore

The contract lease for a long term car rental arrangement in Singapore usually has a term of six months to two years. It means that you will be using the car within that period. The driver has the liberty to terminate the contract before the end of the term, but it would cost them hefty fees, which is not practical. So scrutinising the contract to bits is essential before entering a long-term rental car deal in Singapore.

Here are the things you need to consider before signing the contract:

Car insurance

One of the basic requirements if you rent a car in Singapore is insurance. The driver has two options; purchase new insurance offered by the car leasing company or use their insurance.

The driver does not have to buy an insurance package from the company if they have existing insurance, or their credit card can cover any damage fees.

Type of the vehicle

A private lease typically opts for a compact private hire car rental. However, larger automobiles, like vans and light-duty trucks, are not rare.

Companies usually hire compact cars, vans, and light-duty trucks for their fleet.

The type of car you want to rent depends on your needs.


There are different pricing systems when you rent a car in Singapore. Some offer an hourly rate, while others have a fixed rate. The car model also determines the price of the vehicle. Fees such as mileage charges and damage costs, among others, also add to your bill.


There are critical things you need to review on the contract. There are lots of things that bind the driver. Among them are mileage limits, customisation restrictions, damage fees, and insurance fees. Review the terms and conditions regarding car collisions.

Car condition

Most rental cars in the inventory are new to a few years old. You can ask your car leasing company in Singapore for the vehicle’s maintenance history if you want to guarantee its condition.


Entering a long term car rental contract in Singapore is nearly the same as owning one. You have to get the value of your money, guarantee its condition, and maximise its use while it is under your care.

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