Why a Strong Structural Foundation Is Important

Everything rests on the foundation. This applies to life, but it is also standard construction knowledge and best practice for any structure, whether residential or commercial. These are the top reasons why strong foundations matter.

Supports Structural Integrity

Foundations keep buildings upright. On sunny days, you may not consider this much. However, during heavy weather, you probably think about it quite a lot. Whether you live in an area prone to storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes or other events such as earthquakes, when skies darken and eveyrthing that was certain begins to shake, a strong foundation can help keep you and your loved ones safe. If you suspect your home’s foundation is damaged, seek out a professional Herndon engineer Tulsa to begin the process of repairs.

Protects Against Water Damage

Solid foundations prevent moisture from gradually seeping into buildings and undermining the structure. Standing water from rain, snow, and pipes that burst causes soil to shift and expand. This added pressure can cause foundations to crack over time. These cracks weaken the foundation and eventually the overall structure by letting moisture penetrate so that it promotes mold growth and electrical risks. There are ways to help protect foundations, including:

  • Maintain property – Maintain your property by caulking and sealing masonry cracks, keeping the roof strong, and inspecting the plumbing periodically and repairing or replacing broken or aging pipes.
  • Promote good drainage – Make sure your basement has drainage, ideally connected to a sump pump. You can also build a French drain around the structure and slope the soil away from the foundation to promote water runoff.
  • Keep gutters clear – Clear gutters and drainspouts of leaves and debris, and check that downspouts are draining several feet away from your home.

Protecting the foundation helps safeguard the entire structure.

Foundations bear loads. They guide your values and actions, and they keep buildings upright and structurally sound. With so much resting on firm foundations, making an effort to keep them strong is an important part of life.