What to Do to Buy the Right Sofa from Online Stores?

Shopping for a sofa is trickier than what you think. Choosing the size, colour, material, and design can make anyone overwhelmed. With the restrictions implemented in marketplaces during this time of the worldwide pandemic, the process may be longer, but the sofa choices available to you get multiplied.

The sofa is one of the essential pieces of furniture that a home should have. Aside from the bed, it is one of the largest pieces of furniture that a homeowner will buy. Since they are often expensive and it is almost always the focal point of a living room, the process of buying one can be daunting, especially when you can only see your choices on a screen. When you buy a sofa online from Singapore stores, the risk of your budget going down the drain is almost palpable. Without having the chance to touch and see them in person, any shopper would be worried about spending a hefty amount only to get a sofa that is a shade lighter than expected or see a sofa leg jutting across the floor because it is too big for the corner where it is supposed to fit.

Among all these worries, there are ways that you can do to reduce them and, eventually, avoid mistakes. This article will serve as your shopping partner. Here, you will learn about the common mistakes that past shoppers have done when they had the chance to buy a sofa online. By learning from them, you would know what you must consider and priorities in your process of choosing the perfect, quality sofa for you. More than that, you can follow the ways that will lead you to get that sofa you would want in your space. If you want to know what those ways are, keep reading!


Common Mistakes in Online Furniture Shopping

As they said, you can only learn from your mistakes. These are the wrong choices that prompt a person to do better when the next opportunity comes. Well, it is also applicable to choosing a sofa for your space. Whether these mistakes are big or small, they could impact your satisfaction with your sofa purchase.

To avoid making that when you buy a sofa in Singapore online, you should take note of these common mistakes that have been documented by many shoppers and retailers:


Forgetting to measure their space

It is already common knowledge that sofas can come in multiple shapes and sizes. However, some homeowners forget that their space only comes in one size. In their rush to buy a new sofa, they forget to measure their space. The result? They buy a sofa that is the wrong size. From that mistake, other problems follow, such as the issue of distance from the sofa to the coffee table and limited walking space. Hence, measure your space before filling that online order form.

Not requesting fabric samples

Another common mistake that shoppers make is failing to request a fabric sample. While factors such as the shipping price could be a concern, it is a small price to pay in exchange for knowing what to expect from the sofa you will order. If you want to ensure that you will get the right colour and feel of a fabric sofa in Singapore, you must always request swatches!

Focusing on the price over quality

Everyone wants to make the most out of their money’s value, but shoppers forget that sofas come at expensive prices for a reason. Putting money as their primary comes with consequences because plenty of online furniture shops will use it to their advantage. Having set a low price on their sub-par sofa products, you can predict what those shoppers felt when they received their item. It is none other than regret.

While everyone is allowed to make mistakes, you should avoid making one when purchasing a sofa online. Remember that it is a home asset you want to last with you for a long time. As much as possible, you should not be the one who would need to compromise when buying a sofa online in Singapore. You must know the quality standard that reputable furniture shops should offer to you!


What a Quality Sofa Will Do for You?

The sofa is also the most used piece of furniture in a home. It is where you and your family spend time together to watch a movie or have casual conversations after lunch or dinner. One of its greatest features is comfort. Hence, the kind of sofa that you choose will play a big role in determining how comfortable your family and guests will feel around your living room.

A quality sofa can do that for you. It will have the looks and appearance that you want to have in your room as well. To emphasise this further and help you understand why you should take your time in choosing a good quality sofa, read what your sofa can do for you below!


Long lifespan

Leather is one of the more durable materials, and it is why it is a popular choice among homeowners. With this valuable material, you will only get to have it at a valuable price. It will be worth it to purchase a leather sofa in Singapore if you are looking for something that would last with you for years to come. Whether you choose to have it made of quality full-grain or top-grain leather, they will age beautifully!

Match your aesthetic

You have plenty of time to decorate your home since you are not going out of the house that often. Thus, one of the reasons you want to buy a new sofa is to have a themed look at your overall space. Well, what a quality sofa will do for you is to turn your vision into reality. There are several kinds of sofa that you can choose from, and some shops offer made-to-order services where you can customise what you want in a sofa but, also, maintain the quality of its make and design.

Joy and comfort

Aside from the visual appeal, a high-quality fabric sofa from Singapore online stores would have good cushioning. It has been filled with suitable materials, like foam, so that when you press it down by sitting, it would regain its shape. It is one of the indicators that you have chosen a quality couch, and it is a joy to have a comfortable sofa like this. You get to enjoy quality time with your family or partner when you are all sitting comfortably on your quality sofa!

If these are the features you want to enjoy with your new sofa, you must be ready for the process. With the many factors that you should consider, you must never forget to have a system and a list to follow so you can cover all of it. First-time online sofa buyers have this dilemma. Hence, what you will find in the next section of this article is a checklist that you can follow to buy the best quality sofa for you.


The Ways to Buy the Right Sofa Online

Finding what is best and perfect for you is always a challenge. In looking for a sofa, it is almost the same as looking for a long-term partner because you look for the one that is a match. Since your space can express your personality, you would want a sofa that resonates with it.

With this in mind, you can follow these ways when you are about to buy a sofa online from a Singapore shop:


Establish a style

Investing in essential furniture such as a sofa, you must get both function and style. Do you like solid colours or want the appeal of patterns? Whichever style you prefer, there will always be a sofa out there that can match it.

If you are still in the process of finding your style, a great tip to follow is to create a mood board on Pinterest or get inspiration from home tour videos on Youtube. These will help you pick design elements that you want to incorporate in your space and, eventually, the sofa style that would blend in your home’s overall vibe.

Bring out your tape measure

Being a common mistake in sofa purchasing, you do not want to forget to measure up your space before clicking that order button. When you have your measuring tape, you do not want to take the measurements of the corner where your sofa will rest, but also the width of your front door. The last thing you need is for your sofa to arrive and you are unable to get it to pass through your door!

A leather sofa in Singapore, for instance, does not come in pieces where you would be the one to build it when it arrives. It will be delivered the way it was as you saw it in the picture. Thus, measure the area leading to your home and your living room too!

Find a trustworthy shop

There is nothing online buyers enjoy other than having endless choices when it comes to shopping for their necessary furniture. When it comes to buying a sofa online, you can enjoy endless choices as well. However, it can get overwhelming, and you might end up with information overload and eye strain. The best way to start shopping for a sofa is to look for a trustworthy shop!

A trusted and well-reputed online furniture retailer will give you a wide range of sofa with different fabric, colour, kind, style, and even allow you to customise your own! The search for this one-stop-shop may be a challenge, but you can always ask your friends or family, read online forums, or subscribe to home furniture bloggers for recommendations.

Read customer reviews

The selection process would not be complete without having to check the customer reviews of the specific sofa that you want. Remember that you can put your trust in your chosen retailer, but you must also listen to what their customers have to say about their products. When you have worries about your prospective fabric sofa from a Singapore online shop, you can read the experience of past customers with it!

Note the return policy

As much as you do not want to make mistakes, no one can predict what will happen when you get that new sofa. Shoppers make mistakes, and some online shops allow them to return the items if it does not fit on what they have expected or has damaged. A way to ensure that you get this right is to understand the shop’s return policy and note what you must do to inform them you want to exchange it.

Once you get through this purchasing process, you are ready to add that sofa to your cart! Depending on the location of the online furniture shop, your sofa will likely arrive in three to five days. During this time, there is still plenty to prepare for when you want your space to be ready for your sofa’s arrival.


Tips in Preparing for Your New Sofa

When you have a small space, preparation is the key to successfully receive your new fabric or leather sofa from Singapore online shops. Here are some tips to help you with your furniture delivery:


Confirm the arrival

With technology today, you can track your parcels with just a click. However, if your furniture online shop has self-logistics, you should call them to confirm the arrival of your sofa.

Inform your landlord

If you live in an HDB apartment, you should inform your landlord about a furniture delivery. In this way, they could give you a pass that would allow the delivery persons to carry your sofa up to your unit.


You would not want to cause accidents when the delivery personnel is placing your sofa in your living room. Ensure that there is no clutter in the area where you want to place your new sofa.


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