Top Features Of A Highly Secure Landed Property Gate In Singapore

Have you ever tried hoisting yourself up the fence or gate to get to the other side of the border? Perhaps, you did once when you tried to sneak out of your home at midnight to attend your friend’s party. But what is the real purpose of alanded property gate in Singapore?

Maybe you have noticed from watching many western movies that landed properties abroad, especially in the USA, do not necessarily use gates and fences. But why do Singaporean homes need one? 

It is partly true that the majority of the houses in the US have no gates, and hedges suffice as property markers. These homes are situated in suburbs where the crime rate is low, and the population is not a problem. But in urban areas, gates and fences are needed. 

Similarly, properties in Singapore, a highly urbanised country, may need a landed property gate, fence, and HDB fire rated door. But how will you choose the best HDB and landed property gate in Singapore? Continue reading to find out. 

5 Reasons Why Having A Highly Secure HDB Door And Landed Property Gate In Singapore Extremely Matters

Gates are like our skin. They protect us from exterior harm whilst keeping the insides intact. We take care of our skin from sun damage, scrapes, and wounds. Similarly, our gates also need maintenance to avoid deterioration. And lastly, we ensure that our skin is smooth and glowing, like how our gates serve in aesthetic departments. 

The purpose of gates, doors, and fences is for protection against intruders; ergo, we install a Samsung digital lock on our doors in Singapore.

Here are why having highly secure gates matters:


In cities, most homes have no ample gaps between other properties. Mostly they are only separated by a few feet of space. Some are divided by a firewall. 

It means that anyone can enter and switch from property to property with such ease. Additionally, cities are densely populated areas compared to the suburbs and countryside. So, it has been normalised to see strangers walking around or passing by your property. These strangers could be harmless, while others are burglars spying on your home. 

With a landed property gate in Singapore, it is challenging for anyone to enter your property without your permission. Furthermore, gates also provide privacy by blocking the view of your house’s interior from the outdoors. 


Gates also ensure the occupants are safe inside. Imagine if you have no gates or doors. Toddlers and pets could effortlessly leave home unattended. It could be life-threatening, especially in the neighbourhood within the city, where main roads are just metres away. 

Like the skin that keeps our muscles and internal organs intact, gates keep the residents inside the home safe and far away from outdoor harm. 

Cheaper insurance

Many insurance providers charge fewer fees and even offer a discount to homeowners with highly secure gates, fences, and doors, especially automated or electronic ones. 

It is because they have an impression that properties with landed gates equipped with an HDB gate lock areless likely to be targeted by burglars and are much safer than those with bare property. 

Property Value

Believe it or not, your property value increases when you have fences and gates, especially if equipped with aSamsung digital lock from Singapore.

Home renovation and expansion increase the value of your property. Installing gates or changing your HDB gate lock is considered a part of the house overhaul. 

To further increase the value, gates and fences are not enough. An HDB fire rated door; and other security systems, especially in the offices and business establishments, also add to the value of your property in the market. It can also be a factor to raise the lease for rental properties. 


You can enhance the exterior of your property aesthetic-wise using a landed property gate in Singapore. Gates and fences are not walls with barbed wires or shards and spikes embedded on them, an unattractive prison-like grille. 

Gate manufacturers usually combine materials, such as wood, stainless steel, and wrought iron to create different modern and old gate designs and styles. 

Now that you know the importance of having a gate on your properties, the only question remaining is: how to choose a highly secure gate? 


4 Advanced Features Of A Highly Secure Landed Property Gate In Singapore

Automated Gate Lock And Access

Before, latches were the most common type of lock for gates; however, these are very incompetent. 

Today, automatic and electronic locks, like the Samsung digital lock from Singapore. These locks may use keycards, PIN codes, and even biometrics for access. 

Wi-Fi-enabled operator system

The Wi-Fi-enabled operator system allows the owner to monitor and control the gates remotely. It means that even if the owner is outside the house, in the office or outside the country, they can still open and close their gates. 

Most importantly, it alerts them wherever they are if there is an unauthorised attempt to open your gate. 

Fire-resistant gates

Like the HDB fire rated door, fire-resistant sliding gates can withstand extremely high temperatures and roaring fires. Car parks, warehouses, and shopping malls usually use these gates. 

These gates hold and trap the smoke and fire in one area by sealing the gaps between the doors, walls, floor, and ceiling, delaying the spread of the fire. 


The brief moment where automatic gates are left open after your car enters your property has been taken advantage of by others. It happens when an unknown person or vehicle closely follows or tails your automobile.

You can prevent tailgaters by installing an anti-tailgate system that ensures to close your gate securely after your access.


Alanded property gate in Singapore is a very good investment for homeowners, security- and property value-wise. Never put your safety at stake by relying on an incompetent fence and gates. 


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