Tips for Passing Step 2

As you go through medical school, you are going to have major challenges along the way. One of the biggest is going to be the different steps of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). While everyone focuses on Step 1, Step 2 is another major part of applying to residency. Particularly for those who didn’t do as well as they would have liked on Step 1, Step 2, which comes in two parts, is a chance at redemption.

Step 2 CK

The first part of Step 2 is called CK, which stands for clinical knowledge. This is similar to Step 1; however, it focuses on the knowledge you’ve gained from your clinical rotations instead of your classroom years. When you are preparing for CK, the most important tip to remember is that practice makes perfect. It might be helpful for you to invest in USMLE program Chicago IL to make sure that you understand everything from pediatrics to surgery. Remember that the surgery questions are going to focus more on the management of surgical patients and less on how to perform certain procedures.

Step 2 CS

The second part of Step 2 is called CS, which stands for clinical skills. Many students think that this test is more about making money and less about clinical skills; however, you still need to pass it to become a doctor. Therefore, make sure that you prepare accordingly. To pass CS, you will need to successfully navigate a few standardized patient cases and write appropriate notes. Be sure to read a test prep book ahead of time so you aren’t surprised when your patient is on the phone instead of in the room.

Pass Step 2

These tips will help you prepare for Step 2. With the right preparation, you will pass with flying colors.