Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Taking The B1 English Test

All the people who are trying to become permanent resident of the UK have to clear the English language speaking and listening B1 exam. You will have to pass this test and then supply the results as proof of your English language ability. You can make B1 test booking from any of the recognized bodies. The process can be completed online and you will receive a date on which you will be required to take the test.

Once you have made the booking you will receive your confirmation of your test date and time. You must reach the centre early on the day of the test. Make sure to plan your route so that you are not late. You can check the nearest centre so that commute to the exam does not become much of a problem. Try to reach the centre at least 30 minutes before the interview.  If you somehow miss the designated time slot, you will not be able to give the test. You will then have to reapply and pay the test fees all over again. If you are going to use public transport, find out the best way to reach the place. If you drive a car then you have to find out the nearest parking spot. You should also carry all the necessary documents like the exam slip and passport with you.

What to expect during the final Interview

The exam is conducted in secure conditions. You should keep the necessary documents ready and show them when required. You should also be ready for any security checks. To clear the exam you will have to show the examiner that you have reached a certain level of English language ability. During the first part of the test you will have to speak and the examiner will listencarefully to grade your English speaking and listening skills. You have to show that your level of communication match the language requirements of B1. The quickest way to mess up the test is by becoming nervous and making mistakes while talking. You have to try and relax so that you are able to interact with the examiner and any other person who is also present in the room. You can clear the test simply by communicating in English, as well as you can.

Often you may not understand what a particular question means. A number of people make the mistake of not asking the examiner to explain a question. You must remember that you can ask the examiner to explain a question in case you have not understood or you have not heard the question clearly the first time. Usually after you make the B1 test booking you can check some of the sample questions that the examiner is most likely to ask. Basic personal questions like where you were born or what you did last weekend are some of the most common questions asked during the test.