There are many benefits to playing netball

We all know that exercise is good for us and we should aim to do more of it. Different types of exercise are better for certain areas of our body, some give a great overall workout to various areas while others are just plain fun activities. The best exercise is one that combines both of these elements and Netball Uniforms does just that.


Netball needs no expensive or specialist equipment and can be played almost anywhere on any basis. No special clothing is required in addition to the normal athletic apparel for exercise and fun games. This flexibility means that the game can occur spontaneously which makes it even more enjoyable. Personal skills required to play netball will also encourage physical flexibility as you move from one movement to another quickly, for example, walking, marking, catching, throwing, defending and attacking.

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If you are looking to improve your hand-eye coordination, netball is perfect. The game requires players to pass the ball to each other and prevent the opposing team from getting it. Different passes can be used and therefore there is a need to throw and receive the ball quickly and accurately making it a great exercise for coordination. As the ball comes at you from different angles, you need to quickly adjust, for example, a chest pass comes at you centrally while a bounce pass will come off the ground towards your shoulders. Try out some new drills to further improve coordination. Netball Training videos, visit a site like Sportplan, provider of drills for Netball Training videos.


For many people, exercising alone is not fun. It’s much easier to lose weight and get fit while you are having fun and socializing at the same time. The rules of netball mean that players are limited to only moving in certain areas, so they must rely on each other and play cooperatively, to get the ball to the shooter. There is no chance for individual glory as it really is a team effort. It encourages communication and mental stimulation as well.

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Netball involves a wide variety of movements, ideal for cardiovascular he. You will walk, change direction at a fast pace and sprint for short distances. If your position is in the centre, it will require you to cover a significant distance during each game being played so the benefits are clear to see. Catching and throwing the ball will improve your body and arm strength and the fast pace of the game keeps you mentally stimulated and alert as well. A faster reaction time can be developed and improved hand-eye coordination.

Mental aspects

In addition to the known benefits of socializing and team collaboration, research has shown that the long-term benefits of regular physical activity include the reduction of obesity, depression and diabetes risks, as well as lowering the risks of osteoporosis, heart disease and breast cancer! For young players, there is even evidence that those who play netball perform better academically and have greater success in their careers.