The Vector Illustration And How It Works

Vector illustration is a digital drawing technique that allows us to create geometric shapes and shapes from vectors previously programmed by coordinates.

At first glance, it may seem like a complex process. However, it is worth going into their learning, because thanks to its system of drawing lines and the consequent creation of geometric figures, it allow us to create drawings and an illustration picture (gambar ilustrasi, which is the term in Indonesia) of great quality and artistic value.

Vector illustration allows you to create designs and illustrations with almost exact accuracy. Also, it has the advantage that we can increase, decrease, and modify the size of our illustrations without losing sharpness and preserving the quality of the original design.

How Is The Stroke Made With Vectors?

The drawing of a straight line is done through the nodes; they are two points that indicate the beginning and end of the line. Its function is to keep the object together.

The drawing of a curved line is done by the Bézier Curves method, where, in addition to the nodes, which indicate the beginning and end of the line, some points around it are used, called control points or hands whose function is to allow us Shape the curve.

What Are The Main Work Areas?

Digital Paint

The use of vectors in digital painting allows us to edit geometric figures, apply color to the line of the vectors, and inside the created figure.

Traditional Illustration

It is very common to scan hand-drawn illustrations and turn them into a vector drawing, thus creating precise illustrations and graphics, endowed with higher quality.


Vectorization allows us to provide our designs and illustrations with three-dimensionality, being able to design 3D characters and environments for cinema, video games, and animation.

Graphic Design

For the creation of logos, banners, promotional posters, and even print jobs. It is especially useful in the creation of logos and typography, due to the possibility of changing the size without affecting the main design. You can adjust it to the size you want in case you need to create the same logo in different sizes.