The Real Chickens of Hoboken

Hoboken New Jersey may not have many claims to fame, but if the name sounds familiar to you, it might be from the popular 1999 children’s book by Daniel Pinkwater, The Hoboken Chicken Emergency. The novel tells the story of a failed Thanksgiving dinner and a chicken large enough to crush houses who manages to escape the hungry family and find a place in the hearts of the city’s residents. Does this tale have anything to do with the real Hoboken NJ? Although no monster chickens have been reported, the city still has a thriving urban farm community with high hopes of bringing helpful agricultural knowledge to urban families.

Urban Farming

Throughout the nation, people enjoy eating fruits, meats, vegetables and dairy products, but with the reduction of rural connections, many in younger generations have a hard time describing where this food comes from. Consumers enjoy the benefits of efficiency and reliability that come from manufactured foods. In fact, nearly everyone in the town relies on factories and contract manufacturers Hoboken NJ for their daily sustenance, but there are many benefits to small farms too. Throughout the nation, enthusiastic growers have begun opening educational programs to help increase sustainability and a connection with the earth.

Hoboken Chickens

Even in the town of Hoboken, small farms are popping up. One such farm prides itself in raising healthy, happy chickens and bringing the world of nature just a little closer. In many cities, ordinances allow citizens to create animal habitats and gardens to help offset local food costs and bring nature just a little closer. Urban gardeners report that the process is fun and fulfilling.

Although you might not discover a 300-pound chicken in the streets of Hoboken, you might be surprised at the number of chickens of a regular size that are peeping out of backyards. While manufacturing will always be a critical element of the food economy, these small farms have a special way of bringing smiles wherever they’re found.