The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy In Singapore

Many people are making a big switch to solar energy in Singapore. As the world faces the consequences of climate change and countries are in the race to reduce carbon emissions, everyone can contribute to the eco cause. And that is by leaning towards cleaner and renewable energy, such as solar power.

Solar power still needs more upgrades and innovation to be on par with coal-produced electricity. This article will lay out all the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy in Singapore.

ADVANTAGE: Solar power is renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that comes from nature that is constantly replenished. Among the examples are sunlight and water. Solar power is limitless.

But fossil fuels are from nature, aren’t they? Fossil fuels are indeed from nature; however, they don’t replenish at a fast rate, unlike sunlight and wind. Therefore, it is considered non-renewable energy. Electricity produced by the burning of fossil fuels is limited.

DISADVANTAGE: Weather dependent

Although you have a constant supply, there are days that you don’t have access to solar energy in Singapore. For example, there is an abundant solar energy supply during summer and sunny days. But during rainy days, your solar panel system for home may impede performance because it is unable to gather as much sunlight as it used to during the summer.

ADVANTAGE: Reduces your electricity bill

It is still complicated to power the entire house with solar energy alone. What most people do is a hybrid setup or use both solar power and electricity. For example, all the light fixtures in the house may use solar energy, while the remaining appliances will use electricity from the electric company.

This setup reduces your electricity bill since a part of your home does not consume electricity from your connection but uses solar energy, which is technically free.


Although solar power can reduce your monthly electricity bill, the upfront solar panel installation cost is high. Besides the upfront costs, homeowners should put money into the maintenance of the roof solar panel installation components, including solar panels, batteries, inverters, and wiring.

ADVANTAGE: Technical innovations and improvements

As mentioned, the electricity your solar panels generate today may be subpar to what your electric company delivers to you. However, solar panel system manufacturers are innovating to double and triple the output of solar panel systems to make them competitive against fossil fuel electricity.

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